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Walk by Faith and Not by Sight -2 Corinthians 5: 6,7

Gardening has taught me many lessons about living and growing. The Garden of Life  employs plants and plans that are ways to create a life worth  living. How to lean not on the appearances but  on an inner conversation with God. By design the plants and plans have a message to encourage our faith and continuing learning about life and increasing our beliefs.

Garden of Life is a Walk by Faith

I will Plant 5 rows of “p’s”

  • be present and live in the moment
  • be prompt and take action as needed
  • be prepared. plan for the unexpected
  • be persistent learn from the trials and errors
  • be peaceful and seek stillness in prayer

Next  I will Plan 6 rows of squash

  • squash gossip instead look for the good
  • squash indifference choose a greater goal
  • squash criticism create an attitude of gratitude
  • squash fear , commit to small acts of courage each day
  • squash doubts, self care and inner renewal  and prayer are key to well being
  • squash distractions, debt or dead end relationships to keep you from growing

I will Plant 7 rows of carrots

  • calm your self and inhale energy and exhale stress
  • adjust your attitude to gratitude
  • remind yourself you are worthy. relax and flow with change
  • read inspirational passages and books
  • overcome procrastination stop sitting on your assets
  • take good care of you. attract what you think, believe, fear, expect , act and feel
  • self esteem is your health, peace of mind and a positive mind.

I will plant 5 rows of lettuces

  • Let us be willing to do what is necessary to create progress, prosperity and peace of mind
  • Let us start to organize our life around self-supporting priorities and healthier personal choices
  • Let us let go something that is bothering , make a decision, take action and let go.
  • Let us include activities and experience that  bring you joy
  • Let us learn to go with the flow.

I will Plan for some radishes

  • Release my doubts and exercise my innercize with faith
  • Replace habits with feeding our soul and nurturing our spirit
  • Renew. exhale stress and inhale health. exhale hate and inhale love
  • Re- imagine my life and create new dreams
  • Rejoice create an attitude of gratitude.

The Garden is not complete without Turnips

  • Turn up for your date for exercise, nutrition and loving yourself
  • Turn up with a smile
  • Turn up with new ideas, beauty, peace, order, truth, nature
  • Turn up to laughter, good friends, good times
  • Turn up for your dreams and goals
  • Turn up to take care of you.

The journey of life has many twists and turns. Choose to set up your garden and find your path to victory.   The garden  provides a visual  to stay focused on the dreams and goals.  This eternal truth is to walk by faith and not by sight. Faith is taking the first step even when you do not know the next step.





Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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