My business is that I provide educational services through FES ( financial education system), financial resources to monetize your business ( affiliate links and partnerships that I have used and blogs that I have written as a personal journal) and social media links that assist with reaching more conversions. I offer a free update weekly on the stock market and share my successes and some that require more time to be successful. I receive feedback from my email list questions and their successes. I present a screenshot of my trades. My burning desire is to educate those who are want more information about the stock market and share my experience and use a system that can be duplicated ( covered calls, call options and spreads). I present videos that explain the trades. I have partnered with Tradespoon, Investor Observer, FlipthatStock, and Powertrades University as the basis of my trades and investing. Financial resources is that I have partnered with Credit Suite both as an affiliate and as a business owner.


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