Be Savvy Live Wealthy recommends these online courses at as a great way for beginners to learn how to create their online marketing program.

10 Great Online Courses To Get You Started

    1. Learn How To Get To Freedom As Fast As Possible: The Course To Get It Free Now
    2. What is an Avatar and to select an Avatar. Check out the Avatar Analyzer!
    3. BPAID how to build your 6 figure income. Learn more about online BPAID business planning.
    4. How To Find Your Passion & Make Money Doing What You Love: Learn More About The Passion Finder
    5. How to build a $5-day plan to save and invest (video)
    6. How to make money monthly from the stock market (video)
    7. How to open a brokerage account (video)
    8. How to get credit for a start up business(video)
    9. Financial comeback
    10. The 5 Business Models You Can Use To Turn Your Intellect Into Income: The Course On How To Monetize Your Mind

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