Chari is a first-time author who has dreamed of sharing her wealth of experiences with others. The lessons and solutions she has uncovered about financial security are the cornerstones of this book.

In this book, she shares how her family history and the confines of culture “taught” her that to be successful and financially sound, she needed a secure, government job.

It was not until she ventured out on a mission to learn a different skill set that she began to take charge of her own financial education and future. Along with her journey, she made missteps that resulted in her realizing the importance of mentors to guide and help her, and others, along the way.

Today, she works with mentors to minimize mistakes and to de-emphasize the overall learning curve. Her model is “consistent and persistent.” She believes in having an ongoing education program and connecting with others to develop a wealthy mindset.

Chari is available for speaking engagements and workshops.

To connect with Chari, you can visit

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