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Make a Commitment and reset your life

earthinhands1b Reset your life and make a commitment : thought for the day.

Today I participated in a live webinar and learn from the speakers as well as the chat box. The topic was retrain your brain for extraordinary success. What is holding you back from your success? Do you think it is the lack of money? Did you know you can access almost anything on youtube? I made a list of videos that I want to review to recharge my thinking. Here is my list of names that I want to preview: Bill Seldman, Phd, Jeffrey L Fannin, Phd, Joan Rosenberg, Phd, Dr. Brian Alman, Vicki Higgins,John Assraf and Lisa Nichols. I wrote down some quotes that I would like to keep on hand for those times that I need inspiration. Do you have quotes that you know and could share with others.

I found a new product that I want to sell online with tripleclicks. I like this product because it can be mailed anywhere in the world and the cost is small. The product is something we can all use. Do you have chronic pain, do you work out and do you know someone who would like relief from pain?

Do you make a commitment or are you making excuses? I travel every week and found that I needed to get up early to study and practice a new skill if I want to become the master of my own ship. I learn a few things from the webinar, that I had not put to use in a long while. Set a schedule to do something everyday to gain more knowledge and set aside time to really develop inner exercises. Today make a commitment to reset your life.
Wishing you the best each and everyday.

Chari Farmer Ogogo


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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