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Let your light shine!!! Be come sunshine

Be a force for positive change. Your family, community and you desire more zest and enthusiasm. The news of the day tells us what we need to pray and place on a prayer list. We are questing for a purpose and intention to honor the dignity of all.

Make a decision to be more now. Choose to be excellent today. Organize and create your focus for 30 days. I invite you to check out: Learn How To Get To Freedom As Fast As Possible: The Course To Get It Free Now

Plan for life what is your purpose? storyteller, writer, photographer, artist
Choose your skills and list which ones make you happy and joyful. How you start your day can determine are you just living for the weekend. Choose a path that blends your desires with your work.

Raise your bar Be willing to think big and imagine what your life can be.
Replace limiting beliefs with I can, I know, I believe in the possible. If your challenge is spending too much, then replace consumerism with how can you produce something, invest in knowledge or become an owner of assets.

Solve problems instead of making excuses. What is your excuse today? Is it overwhelm? Retrain your thinking of breaking down an excuse into bite-size solutions.

Believe in yourself Self-confidence and confidence are the keys to unleashing your success and allowing your light to shine. Are you afraid of public speaking? Join a speakers group such as Toastmasters. Are you afraid of making live or Make short videos and make them private to select groups.

Happy investing today for tomorrow.
Chari Farmer Ogogo

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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