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Tips to build a low cost online business

Most of us are looking for a way to build a business at a low cost with a high return. Here is one business that I have researched and found it to be real. Do you have a passion and want to earn money from your knowledge, check out this site and build your business with no initial out of pocket expense. The best part is the offer provides a 30-day free look. You can learn from other entrepreneurs and business owners. What have they done to create business success? The offers many areas to learn how to become successful and now you can have a community of support. offers a year-long program with coach/mentors and different stages of growing your business idea. The idea of a solo-entrepreneur is overtaxing, overwhelm and burnout; and the success today requires a team approach and support.

We can spend a ton of money trying out different business or we can choose a trial run. I prefer a trial run and learn how to build a business with a community support. You can build your business on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. These platforms are great for getting your business message out and adding the new following. How often to post and what type of system will you use to showcase your business. I have that messages daily three posts, like in groups and shares are often the best system to build your affiliate business. Here is an interview with a successful affiliate marketer, Ryan McCray. Learn how to market your business and connect with groups

Give it a try and check out what others are saying about the theblackbusinessschoolcom
Pay it forward and learn from a great community. The advantage of being in a community. You can share and learn from other members. Some of the tips that I learned was how to access free photos with no upsell. . Another tip that I learned was how to create videos that add the splash to your message. What if you need a logo and business cards. What companies can do this with a fraction of the big prices. or One member site shared how to build a business for under $500. and provides ongoing training for a notary business nationwide. Here is the link: (the Notary Business by Andre C. Hatchett)

An affiliate marketing ideas shared by a top affiliate.
Do you have a book or a service that you would like to share with a platform? Your black offers a program for both vendors and affiliates.

These are some of the links that I have used and found helpful. Hope you find them helpful in your quest to build your online business
Happy investing in yourself.

Chari Farmer Ogogo
The wealth master coach,
author Be Savvy Live Wealthy

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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