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Patience in 2018

I was not too patient in 2017 and often flirted without reason and made unwise snap decisions. Well now I am in 2018 and a habit that I started today was to look at a trend and stay the course. Emotions can cloud our judgment. When we cannot see behind, below or above we make a decision that does not include all the angles. This happens in not giving time for something to mature.
Often in gardening, we can not see what is below in the soil. the expression of the plant can be deceiving. What is growing below in the roots is more important than what is displaying on top.By spring, the flowers will be blooming and be showing off new colors and buds. It is in anticipation that we know will arrive. In the meantime allow hibernation and the slowing of the plants to gain momentum.
Investing or trading in the stock market does not always move the way we want. There are seasonal time and being patient is an asset.This surely happened today when I was looking at my brokerage account and found that patience was in my favor. During December some stocks that I held had been stuck in no moment or even had retreated. Knowing that this is near an earnings season, the stocks rebound in January.
I made an unwise movement in the forex, entered impulsively and saw my account plunge. Normally I would have quickly exit and took my loss. By shifting my view from a day trader to a longer-term momentum, I gained another skill set. I waited until the market retraced and was able to regain and minimize losses.
Patience taught me a lesson in not overreacting. My acronym for Patience in 2018 is Power, achieves, triumphs, intention, even flow, not haste, choose and energize.I am ready to create other habits that will serve me well and not overreact and slow down and enjoy the moments.

Happy investing and gardening

Chari Farmer Ogogo
author, Be Savvy Live Wealthy

Money Mindset Update 2016

z7GawTHLRtegFwdtPGU9_shutterstock_118820779I went to the bank yesterday, I was feeling that I could add more money to my IRA and build up my 401k.  I am working on my retirement funds and building a business.  Wow this can be challenging.  What I found out, that my knowledge of money was limited and I had not done my homework and research throughly and had opened up the wrong IRA.  My goal is to max out my retirement funds for each year. I got a five year plan.

What I learned is the importance of having a clear goal of how you plan to use your money and make it work for you. Not everyone sees your picture and you must define clearly where you want to go. The banker had other ideas that did not support my big picture.

I am still reeling from the 2006 to 2009 nighmare of economic downturn. I took jobs that were not to my liking and jumped into starting my home based business.  I met a few lumps along the way and made some choices that did not take me to my destination.  I can say I learned a few lessons.

Today, I am working with a team who share my goal of reaching financial freedom.  The best way to get information is to study and work with a mentor. Take continuing courses on financial knowledge.  Be willing to learn.  What I discovered that I could save, however, I did not know how to invest.  The trip to the bank was a reminder of how I had a mindset that would cripple my efforts to be more financially secure.

Here  are my best tips to building your financial knowledge base:

  • build on your current knowledge and look for industries that can use your skill
  • read about companies in your industry, what is changing and where can you invest
  • learn about the stock market
  • invest some of your money into some stocks that you know and that you use regularly
  • maximize your 401k and IRA each year
  • have a goal for your finances
  • reduce your consumer habits
  • sell things that you no longer use or need
  • create a second income from your skills or interest
  • get a mentor who share your goals and has a proven track record.

Want to learn and earn about stocks, check out This is a great educational platform on how to change your lifestyle and create the freedom you want.

Want to spend up knowledge about becoming a wealthy investor, check out wealthyinvestor.net. Wealthy investor trade school.com. This has helped me to get my focus and work consistently on goals with a changing market condition.

It is now towards the last quarter of the year. I have made some changes in my financial household.  I have kept my goals insight, paid off credit cards, and maxed out my contributions to my 401k and started self-directed retirement accounts.  I took the plunge and got a mentor and take monthly classes.  2016 has been a change in my outlook and destiny.

Wishing you health, happiness and wealth

Chari Farmer Ogogo