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Five Tips to planning to invest and to garden

5 Tips on how individual investors can achieve long-term success. I have added my favorite tips for gardening that mirror investing.

Save: This is the first rule. If money is not routinely set aside for investing, a person will end up in retirement with nothing.
Stay Broadly Diversified: Diversification eliminates the risks of incorrectly picking individual stocks, selecting managers and choosing sectors. Define your short-term goal (30 to 60 days) and long-term goal(3 to 5-year plan)
Keep Costs Low: Investing is not a zero-sum game with winners and losers since the investment industry keeps a share of investors’ returns through fees and other expenses. Be consistent and persistent to learn about the stock market and how the markets work.
Keep Transactions to a Minimum: Doing so will help keep costs low. Try acorns, stash and or Robinhood apps to keep cost down.
check out dividend stocks to support your portfolio. Two stocks that are paying a dividend every quarter are VISA and Home Depot. These two stock can buffer your portfolio.
Gardening like investing requires planting seeds. Investing seeds can be mutual funds, stocks, bonds, or ETFs. Plants seeds such as lemons, pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots or kales can be a great diversified garden. Prior to setting up your plans, ask why are you planning to garden or invest. It is important to know your reason and to define your goal. Knowing your reason helps you to understand your commitment when things go awry when we are learning a new skill set.

To learn more about how to invest in stocks, check out this link to learn more about trading : is an educational site.flipthatstockfinal1. This site is geared to someone who wants to earn money daily and uses Think or Swim platform to make trades. You can study with JR Fenwick. Learn from his experience on how to enter the trade and when to exit. This site offers one on one training and group sessions. The training focuses on trading while the market is live. getting an education on how stocks works are helpful.
I have used as a way to invest $5 per day.This is a low-cost way of investing and using your extra money that has and making the investment for you. Sometimes we need an easy way to save and invest that is without thinking too hard or putting it off.
A gardening parallel is that to set up a small scale garden that can sustain you. You can try container garden that you regrow kitchen scraps or seeds from oranges or lemons. I found some great youtube videos that you can preview on my
There are two other apps that you can use to build your savings to invest program and build a portfolio. Stash is a great start to investing and you can choose funds that resonate with your likes.
I like Robinhood, a free platform to select your own stocks.

Another Educational site is The Brown Working with a coach helps you avoid some of the pitfalls and a place to ask questions. Jason Brown, CEO of The Brown Report has videos that are streamed on Facebook. Great way to get inspiration on Facebook live streaming. The videos are under 5 minutes but inspirational and motivational for both newbies and seasoned traders.


With the markets in a sporadic movement daily, it is difficult to find a balance. These points make it easier to sleep at night and watch your account grow and compound. Decide on your investing goal and focus on your plan of action.

Another way to manage your investing is to look at what you like to purchase such as Nike, Macy or Apple. Compare purchasing items versus owning the stock. What you discover that items paid $250 for Nike shoes. You could invest buying 5 shares of Nike and receive more value in the long term. Such as dividend returns every quarter from Nike. Another item, buying an Apple product for $1000. That $1000 in stocks would buy you 10 shares and you would receive dividends every quarter. Investing in the stock can provide a better return and you could take the dividends to purchase the items that you would normally purchase without thinking about return on investment.
When we shift our purchasing power into what is the return instead of impulse buying. We can plan better and create a better use of our money.

Gardening can be selected by choosing annuals or perennials. Your return on investment and time can be determined if there is a dividend or instant show. Annuals are short-lived plantings that last only one season. Perennials have a long-term benefit and once established can provide more plants and come back each year.

Another step is to wait 72 hours before making a purchase. This allows us a chance to differentiate between wants and needs. This is a great way to defer gratification and spend less or decide which is a more of a priority. By developing a plan you can stick with your defined budget and not overspend. Define your criteria for selecting your stocks or your plants. What is your temperament? Do you like high earnings, showy display, or conservative and less risky. Check the history and earnings of your stocks. With plant selection, what type of plants do you like which area would they like sunny, shady area, water-intensive or drought tolerant?

The area that I really changed was on money spent on lunches at nearby eateries. When I decided to take my lunch, my eating habits became better, I had more salads, fresh fruit and my food budget decreased. Before, I would spend $250 to $350 per month on food. Just by changing my eating habits, I decreased my food spending into half per month.The money that I saved, I can earmark for paying down my credit card debt and/ or adding to my investment plan.
I started my garden from seeds and some from transplant. Now I can augment food budget by growing veggies from my garden and sharing with others my harvest.

Add to your peace of mind, control how you will spend your nickels and dimes and take charge of your investments and spending plan. Having a plan in place to prepare for changes in the financial markets no matter what the political landscape unfolds.

Happy growing, investing and planning for your future

Chari Farmer Ogogo
The Wealth Mastery Coach

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Investing and Gardening are like twins

photo-1414690165279-49ab0a9a7e66Why invest? My why is based on the desire to have more freedom in my lifestyle. One of the possibilities is that you can trade and invest from anywhere in the world. I like the idea of leverage. Your money can work harder for you instead of you working for the money. You can invest in yourself to grow more and build a prosperous mindset. Ongoing learning and improving. There is no racism, sexism or ageism and no glass ceiling attached to investing and trading in the stock mark. The is a recession proof skill set.. You can trade if the market goes up, goes down or stays neutral.
Gardening can be done anywhere and it does not know your ethnicity, sex or age and there are no limits. You can garden in containers, on rooftops, backyards and any country you choose to visit. Gardeners exist everywhere and there is a common sharing of ideas. Youtube share is easy to learn about garden techniques.

As you begin to develop a portfolio, you can start with as little as $500. You can buy one stock at a time, then add money on a regular basis and add more stocks as there is a 5 dollar move. This is the way to start small and grow over time. Stocks that I have purchased are Microsoft (MSFT), Visa (v) and Master Card (MA), Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T). If you bought one share of each of these you can invest $350. Each month add to your account $50 to $150 and over the next 90 days, you will see your account grow. In addition, each of the stocks will pay a dividend every quarter. You can also place these stocks on a watchlist such as Yahoo Finance.
Play in the dirt or gardening is a lifelong experience. No matter your age, once you have become a player in the dirt you will have lifelong memories of how flowers, veggies or fruits that you have loved. I recently visited my dear aunt who resides in assisted living. She shared her memories of growing flowers such as dahlias and collard greens. Her eyes lit up when she saw photos of my greens in my raised beds. She remembered the leaves of collards and how it was different from mustard or turnips.

When I first started, I set up an account with TD Ameritrade and did most of this online. You can also go to a local TD Ameritrade office. You can get started as soon as today. There is a 24/7 access and help via phone. The most important thing is to get started and build another source of an income stream.
How I got started gardening was when I visited my grandmother in Arkansas as a youth of 10. My grandmother had been farming acres since early 1920’s. She had never been a sharecropper and was independent and lived off the land for her existence and was a homesteader. I learned first hand what it meant to be a self-starter and the importance of being self-sufficient. I received more hands-on training as a master gardener in a local UC extension program.

My initial step into investing was fearful, I chose to work with a mentor and watch a ton of Youtube videos. I now feel more confident. I plan to share more videos and tips in blogs on the way to invest and share my experiences. Venturing into gardening means you study and learn and observe patterns. Since there are so many types of gardening styles, you can choose which style you plan to master. Here are some types that I have used, container gardens, drought tolerant planting, vegetables, fruit trees, flower growing and cottage gardens.

I believe when I share my experiences of investing and how it has changed my life, this will inspire you to take action and control of your financial future. My goal is to support you and to move forward and build your portfolio and armed to be a better investor and trader. Every blog, I will share some tips that you can use to grow and compound your account. Gardening and investing are similar in that tips and ideas can inspire you to try one idea and build on your knowledge base. If you start with a container garden and choose to grow vegetables and maybe add some fruits later. Just like investing, you must start with a foundation, develop a plan or blueprint and decide what is your long-range objective. Growing a portfolio or growing plants happens over time.

My radical change is when I set a goal to earn 2% per month. This was a simple goal is doable. I decided to stick with stocks that pay a dividend and start small. I have selected At&t and Home Depot. Both stocks pay a dividend every 13 weeks. I decided 10 shares of each stock was something that I could watch over time and see how they performed. Your account should begin to grow and compound and can weather a storm.
Planting a garden can be a simple endeavor. You can start with either some seeds or a transplant from a garden into a container. I tried both to grow a lemon tree from seeds and from a transplant. Both were easy to do. I established a container garden; that I added a mixture of soil, compost and then added the seeds and a transplant from the in-ground plant. Today the plant is growing and is ready to be moved to a larger planter and will produce many lemons this year.

Recap: start your growing of making your money work for you open a brokerage account, set a realistic goal, buy 10 shares and watch how the stocks perform. If you want more growing tips for your garden, start small and design a garden one step at a time. If you have questions, you can email me at

happy growing and investing in your future

Chari Farmer Ogogo

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