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Which Step Have You Reached Today?

Recently I attended a workshop and learned some new ways to create more cash and income.  One of the problems is that we take the classes and file the information.  We do not take action and we just procrastinate.  Tomorrow I will start.

Since this is a new month, I have started to work on my cash and income stream.  My step was to look for a ways to write daily about my passion and share them in my blog and newsletter.

Each day, I will take definite steps to meet my goal to create more cash and income.  My mission is to provide inspiration and words to help others.  Here are my steps: daily write in a gratitude journal, eat healthy and exercise, define my business goals and what steps that I am taking towards my destination of creating more cash.

Today I joined a forum and an affiliate program.  I have found that I affiliate programs are ways to increase your cash and you can share your hobbies and skills.  Provide a product for sale and these are additional ways to increase your cash.

My next goal for the day is to write and create videos that share my hobby and this provides another way to build my cash reserves.  Today I have selected two ways to create cash  and income streams.

To create and increase my income, these are my steps is to select a business that I have interest and am passionate.  Learn everything about marketing and join with others who have similar interest.  Take pictures of my products and build a link on my website or blog.  Develop a marketing plan online and offline.  Design logo for my private label product and design my postcard. Connect with others on Pinterest and Twitter.

Success in my business is defined as reaching more than 10 people each day or increasing my list to 1000 by end of November.  But more importantly, did people really enjoy my product and  receive better nights sleep from my Serenity Herbal Tea.

Hope these steps help you to think more about how you want to grow your business and create more cash and income in your business.

To your health, wealth and happiness

Chari Farmer Ogogo


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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