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What is Velocity Banking

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This year I started with the idea to pay down my debts and increase my net worth.  I am  investing in the stock market and the trends in the market went some with me and others times against.  I started to look at my trades and realized that I was not making wise trades.  I went back to learning more about what I needed to do to minimize my losses.  I study with a mentor on options. I take small classes with Tdameritrade.  This current market volatility is challenging.

What has inspired me most has been learning about velocity banking.  How to improve my credit score and increase my cash flow.  Here is a video link

I took on the challenge to improve my health and learn more about healthy eating and cooking.  This will pay dividends and make it easier to live a lifestyle with less medication and the ability to earn more.  I recently went to a cooking class at

The cooking classes led to me to see how my garden could support me.  Cooking from my garden kale and collard greens become my staples. How food preparation would reduce my cost and create a healthier lifestyle. What I have added is a healthy cook services and products that support.  I signed up with

I took on another challenge is to help others build their business correctly and create business credit to support your big picture. Business credit can propel your ideas  and build out your business score that will not impact on your personal credit score.  This is how you can separate your personal from your business. Learn how to build your business credit. get a free guide.


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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