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Spring time in the Reiki Garden Home

rose_rosebud_flower_221924 Reiki Garden Home is about remembering all of good comes from first being thankful for what you have.  You can not receive more good if you are whining and complaining.  Look for the good. Give thanks for those who support you.

All the flowers in the garden come and are planted some by me, but many are planted by the birds.  A wonderful mix of colors and designs.  Right now the beautiful purple iris bulbs are blooming and the rock rose are smiling.

What a wonderful mix.  I can truly say, that it is not my design efforts, it is a colorful bouquet that is mixed with nature. I looking forward to the mexican primrose appearing and gracing the front yard with the roses.

If you like gardens as much as I do you can come by and spend some time learning about the colorful mix and how I use natural ways such as composting and layering to have many flowers blooming throughout the year.

The garden is a healing and an opportunity to see new and wonderful begining.  I recently planted some grasses that blow in the wind and make a wonderful sound.  I lost many jade plants during the winter, now I have new plants that will survive the different temperature changes.

When we compare this to our relationships, the plants can be great teachers of how we can learn to accept others just as they are and remember to live and let live.

Come over to the Reiki Garden Home, visit the gardens and  enjoy  serenity tea that is relaxing and calming.

wishing you health, happiness and wealth

Chari Farmer Ogogo



Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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