Seeds Of GreatnessSuccess comes from people helping people.  This is the simple and yet difficult at times to remember when we are building and growing our business.  I am new to building my business online and I have hit a few bumps along the way.  I am convinced now that when we set a goal to help others grow we inturn grow our business.  What we are doing are sowing the seeds of greatness.

When we help others to grow.  We never know how these seeds will bloom.  When we support others in their growth.  Sowing seeds of greatness is a step by step process.  Visting and sitting with my mum has taught me that the lessons of life are never ending no matter your age.  Life journey does not end when pay off the bills, we have the perfect travel destination, it is  time to continue to plant those seeds and share our journey with others.  This may be in video, book or a blog. May your journey be delightful and filled with joy.rose_rosebud_flower_221924

We can see this in the ways that mothers and dads nurture  their children.  We see this with the birds who care for their young. We can view this in the ways that churches support their members and vice versa.  We are so interconnected and that this makes it possible to create greatness. Look around and see how others are making a difference

Grow Skills – Stretch Your Comfort Zone!

We  can learn new skills and stretch.  This new skill may lead to new friendships and rekindle old friends as well.  I am taking a class in clincial chemistry.  There is room for discussion and ways to interact with people who share a similar mission of being of service and creating greater access to health care.  To gain a new perspective in our world can add depth to our conversation.

Ask questions and be willing to learn from the masters.  I can not possibly know everything .  Every person I meet has knowledge that I do not know.  They have friends and family who are supporting and meet on their social media.  What a great way to learn about another and reach out and find the common interests.

Do you have a hobby?  This is a great way to reinvent yourself and find that special or unique way to express your interest.  I have three hobbies that inspire me: reading, gardening and playing chess.   When I take an account of my personal interests, I can be authentic and reach out to others who share my interests.  I am building on my strengths.

Sowing the seeds of greatness is about helping others, learning new skills, asking questions and becoming interested in the world around us and sharing our talents.

Seeds Of Greatness

Each person has a story to share and tell and seeds to sow. I have chosen to share my knowledge and story about learning new skills. I will be hosting a call on Third Saturday of the month and recording are listed in the blog.

The following is a brief list of the phenomenal women that have a story to share:

  •  Tassel Daley, founder Wealth Building Group
  •  Dana Wilde, Train your Brain
  •  Kiara Weiss, Fundafield, nonprofit director
  •  Cheryl Broussard, WealthOnline Mastery

    Who do you know who makes an impact in their community?
    Alter a situation by changing a belief.

    Chari Farmer Ogogo call in 712 451 0011. Access code: 602699


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