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Review of B2B and direct sales companies

I have had an opportunity to look at 3 business models within the last month.

Each model has a unique message and reaches out to different niches.

Business 2 business model is one that meets the needs of the buying and selling process. is geared to helping business that have sales in excess of $5,000 per month.  This business educates business owners on how to read a merchant statement and understand what is an effective rate.  When business owners choose to take credit cards, often they go to their bank and use the available merchant services of the bank.  The business owner often does not shop around to receive the best rates and lower rates that are available.  Another pitfall is the term of the lease of the equipment presents problems.  Most leases with the bank are more than 36 months up to 48 months.  Currently there are leases that are for 12 months,  this allows the merchant not to be tied to a inflexible contract.

When businesses are doing less than $5,000 per month in sales, the square or paypal are the options that are recommended.  The rates with these are higher, however, until a business is doing more than $5,000 in sales, it is too expensive to do a merchant account.  The equipment has a fee, the processing company charges a fee and then there is the fee for the individual charge.  The small business would have more difficulty making a profit using a merchant services. has other options for small business.  Check out their website and learn more about their coupon offering and their referral programs.

The two direct sales companies that I had a chance to review were and Global Wealth Trade.  Both of the companies are listed with Direct Selling Association.  This is important to know which association does a business belong and whether it is ethical.

Direct Selling Association has standards that  member business must adhere to and must publish it value and the real earning potential for its home based business.  Here are some of the tips to evaluate a company and selection of a DSA:  (1) become passionate about the product or business (2) sign up with an established company. (3) visit the company headquarters and meet the management (4) read the financials and (5) consider only DSA members.

Both Sendoutcards and Global Wealth Trade met the DSA standards and are members of Better Business Bureau in their industry. So I am comparing apples to apples in standards.

Sendoutcards is an attitude company whose mission is to express gratitude one card at a time. The cost to joing is less than $100 and their headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Ut.  They are international and their cards and products can be shipped everywhere.  I took the gratitude challenge and found it inspired me to connect more fully with others in my family and friends. I found this business exemplified the idea of build know, trust and like in relationship building.

Global Wealth Trade is a luxury company which  designs, and sells upscale jewelery, handbags and wallets and accessories. The mission statement of GWT is improving the quality of their members lives every day.  Make a positive change in your life today. GWT  products have been featured on the Red Carpet of Emmy’s and by fashion moguls worldwide.  They main office is in Ontario, Canada.  The marketing has a lot of Feri fashion house and for those who want to wear luxury items, this is a great product with potential to grow.  This is truly a global business that has no boundaries and could be a business that you could work from the beaches.  I met one of the top producers for the company who has used social media exclusively and has quite a following.    To join this business one can start at less than $200 to build your virtual designer mall.

These business that I reviewed have their own unique place in the marketplace and would be worth investigating and asking more questions if you want a home based business and build a residual income.



Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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  1. Hey Chari!

    What A Great Review! As you know I am a distributor for SendOutCards and do love the aspect of making money for simply being nice to others.

    Fun Fun

    The other two are new to me but as you say they all do have their own unique place in the marketplace.

    Thanks for the information and have a wonderful week.
    Chery :))

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