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Rebuild after a financial ruin

How can you rebuild after a financial chaos?  Life can be rebuilt.  It is a journey that is not a straight-up return.  It may require an inventory of your skill set,  reevaluate your goal of what is important to you, look at habits that have hindered you from reaching your financial goal. My story began in 2008 and it did take several years to rebuild my financial house. In my book, Be Savvy Live Wealthy, from a setback to a comeback, I described my journey.  Now I see there are some strategies that can give you a return.  It is not impossible. One author, David Bach described in his books, the automatic millionaire and women start late and finish rich, that there are some ways to rebuild and finish rich.

Here is an interview with David Bach talking about his mission.  This interview inspired me to share my story.  My why is sharing my financial journey and mission to make a difference in others lives.

Start Late and Finish Wealthy will be a membership site and my new book will highlight what steps can you take to rebound. It will allow you to start right where you are and build savings and investments. Many of the information will be videos, worksheets and a 30-day goal setting on one major goal, weekly accountability, and email follow up. Create an automatic habit to pay yourself first. Save your first $500 in 6 months.

Looking forward to making a difference in your financial house and touching your life in a positive rebound.

Here is another way to rebuild


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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