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What are the options for the relief of chronic pain?

  •  medication with side effects
  •  topical ointments
  •  patch with no side effects
  •  self medication (e.g. alcohol, drugs)

Some of the medication are prescribed by a health care provider.  Some are over the counter meds such Advil, tylenol etc.  Most of the meds come with varying side effects and are taken by ingestion. You take a pill every 6 to 8 hours for relief. This is an ongoing cycle and often done daily.  What  if you take other medications, then there is  a concern with more side effects.

Topical ointments are rubbed on the area of pain.  This can provide a temporary relief and must be applied daily or as needed.  A lot of people do not like the smell of the ointments and it might stain your clothing. Have you heard of Ben Gay?  This is used by many who want temporary relief.

Patch therapy is the latest of ongoing pain relief. One company that provides patches that are applied to the skin area of pain.  These patches are convenient and can be used daily without any side effects. One comapany that distributes the patches are Forever Green International.

I just received samples of the patches and they are easy to mail and share with those who would like to try them out.  The main ingredient are essential herbs and are embedded into the patch.  There is no smell and the can be placed on the skin of the area of pain.  They can be mailed in every country and does not require a prescription. Just email me your address and I will be glad to send you a sample to try.  The cost to mail is $5.00. Payment is by Paypal. I would love to receive some feedback and your thoughts on this product.

What is self medication?  This is often overlooked by health care professionals.  Many people use alcohol to minimize pain that is chronic.  Alcohol is effective in aiding pain, however, the main drawback is that it is addictive and habit-forming.  If you do not want to risk becoming addictive, then I would not recommend self-medication.

Of the 4 methods that I have briefly described, I highly recommend a system that is not habit-forming and provides relief, recognized by  FDA and can be used as needed without side effects.   The Patch can be tried for simply sending me your email address and  phone number.  It can be ordered via Paypal for $5.00. What you will received is a sample to try, instructions on how to use and latest FDA studies and how to order a larger quantites.

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