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Top strategies to reach your goals

Make an appointment with yourself daily. to study, read and create. The night before, I make out my task list on my phone. Here are a few ideas that I have implemented. Do you have a role model or blueprint?  I used Jason Brown Million-Dollar-Spreadsheet as a guide. Read books to stay the course. One …

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What are your investments?

The majority of our investments are non-financial. Our real worth is in our ideas and time. I am declaring that there are 4 non-financial investments that determine our wealth. Energy— what gives your energy? I have found that having a structure or framework defines my output. I like to have a visual of how I …

Walk by Faith and Not by Sight -2 Corinthians  5: 6,7
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Walk by Faith and Not by Sight -2 Corinthians 5: 6,7

Gardening has taught me many lessons about living and growing. The Garden of Life  employs plants and plans that are ways to create a life worth  living. How to lean not on the appearances but  on an inner conversation with God. By design the plants and plans have a message to encourage our faith and …

Financial comebacks for women
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Financial comebacks for women

This is the latest new video for There are some projects beginning in February. We are starting Be Savvy Live Wealthy membership program which can support you while you are redesigning your life and follow your passion. Some of the projects: How $5/day can help you to invest; How to earn monthly income from …