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Making A Difference In The Lives Of Others

African beads from Uganda are a way to help women who make beautiful bracelets from things that we discard and no longer use.  The women take magazine pictures and make bracelets and necklaces.  They have taken plastic bags and created colorful one of a kind bracelets.  The women from Uganda formed a cooperative to sell their paper jewelry and use the money to feed their families, pay for school fees and expand their business.

This is a great way to use resources that are recycled, reused and recreate into something that we can use.  The creative genius of these women to take something simple and create beauty. By purchasing these bracelets you are making a difference in the families, a community and the planet by using recycled products.

Thank you for your action to support others who are using sustainable ways and microfinance for small business.

Chari Farmer Ogogo


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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