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Lessons from the Oath of Manifestations

257If you believe that attractions and nothing happens by accident, you might find this story an eye opener.

I called a friend and she told me that she needed money for a situation and her water was going to be turned off within a week.  I do not normally open up my purse and offer money even to close friends.  Some how her request was something that I was urged to respond.

I offered to send her money via western union. I went to the bank to wire the money, somehow that teller mispelled my name and the name of the recipent.  She had sent the money and had not checked with me to verifiy the details.  Now she had to retrieve the money and start again.  Well finally I was given the money transfer account number and text it to my friend.

On her end, my friend could not find a western union office in Southern California to retrieve the money.  She spent three days to locate one that would give her the money.  Finally on the third day, she found a western union. The lesson we both learned was we could have used paypal or an email account that would have sent her the money quickly.

My friend gave me thanks and sent a beautiful card expressing her gratitude.  Most of all she shared with me a oath of manifestations.

In this oath, there is the recognition that what we think about will be attracted to us and we must speak words of the thanksgiving and willingness to give.

Although it seemed hokey, I decided to listen daily and found that many of my desires were being met:  I rented out my home for the summer so that I could travel, my investments increased and no longer felt anxious about the source and amount of income and got clarity about my desire of earning more than enough.

Here is the replay of the oath of manifestation that you can call 24/7:

712 775 7029.  Pin:314 466 884#   code 78 & 79. 

Wishing you blessings and prosperity.

Chari Farmer Ogogo


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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