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How to eat healthy and become wealthy

To eat real food is adding the energy and substance we need to work, play and be healthy. I recently went to a cooking class and observed the tools that chefs use. How do we prepare our foods and keep within our spending plan and not spend our money at the fast foods or receive foods though membership sites?  Take time to learn what foods are energy boosters, spend time in preparation for those early morning or late night and choose tools that make cooking fun and spend time with our family and love ones.  Some tools that I learned to use was parchment paper and how it holds in moisture and reducing cooking time in the microwave. Use sharp knives and learn how to chop and saw with a knife.  Make salads or soups ahead. This is food preparation.  If you want to have a wealthier lifestyle:  learn to reduce our spending, increase our awareness of healthy foods and prepare our meals ahead or plan meal .  helped me see how I could share my other interest such as gardening and cooking  from the garden.

I recently signed up to share my cooking interest and signed up with  My start up kit was $75. I received several great cooking tools that makes it easier to cook , prepare and eat healthier.   Now I can share my garden produce and share how to cook collard greens and kale .

Another wealthy tip is  pay down your debts and create more cash flow.  Here is a video that might help you improve your credit score and create more cash flow.  There are 4 things you must know to apply some of the techniques: income,expenses, debt and cash.


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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