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How can the stock market help you own real estate?

Most of us were taught to aspire to own real estate . What happens when the job is lost, down turn in the economy or the taxes are too high?
When we have more than one source of income, we are able to pay off a liability such as a mortgage. Stocks can offer leverage and provide income by owning the assets. I use my brokerage account to pay down my mortgage and my taxes.

In the new paradigm on the road to wealth building and leaving a legacy

Mortgage does not equal wealth
Income is not wealth , assets that produces income is true wealth
College degree does not guarantee wealth
assets generating $million dollar is the freedom and real wealth
Financial education is the new rule of wealth building

My journey to wealth building is setting up a series of earning money monthly from stocks and learning to use earnings to build and grow my portfolio. Instead of hoarding money, I take a portion to spend and reinvest the rest.
I too was on the road to living paycheck to paycheck, more month than income left over and found another source of income.

From Renter to Homeowner, Dr. Vaneesha Dutra

This is wishing you a better today for tomorrow

Chari Farmer Ogogo

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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