The Book

In her book, Be Savvy, Live Wealthy, from a setback to a comeback after 50, Chari Farmer Ogogo leads her readers on journey to a successful comeback after the age of 50.

Monetize Your Passion

Take your passions and hobbies to a new level and create income from doing what you love with this class is for YOU! Coming soon membership and online course.

Online Courses

Be Savvy Live Wealthy recommends these online courses at as a great way for beginners to learn how to create their online marketing program.

Chari you are a best friend! You got me started trading and got hooked. Thanks to you I will make it big someday!

Darah D
Chari helped me to invest and trade in the market. I shared what I learned with several people and
Chari was generous with her time and gave them many pointers on how to open an account and how to perform covered calls. I definitely recommend Chari!

Bernice T.

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