Harvest Of Your Dreams

What is your wildest dream?  What makes you rise in the morning to write and let loose your imagination?  When we can answer these questions, we can focus on the most important part of our life and live more authentically.

It is those times that we experience a tumultuous event or situation, that your body reacts in such a way that you can not force yourself in situations that  are not inline with your true self. When your heart is racing wildly and  head is spinning , your true self is letting you know that it is time for a change in how  you show up.

This happened to me on a job that I had taken.  I was working  long hours that caused me loss of sleep and my thinking was fuzzy. I had a conversation with a manager that left me feeling angry.  His comments and criticisms of my work was really not about me, but something that was festering in him.  I got it and my true self emerged.

Jobs and assignments that are not right trigger those thoughts and we try to stuff them to continue to pay the bills and feed our families.  But sometimes, no matter what we begin to experience physical complaints or we eat too much to silence the pain.

When there is a disconnect with our inner lives and our outer experience, we revolt.  We may not always realize the symptoms, but over the years, the weight adds on, the hair falls out, we find new aches, we run to the doctor trying to find a cure.  Nothing seems to work.

The moment we claim our true self and begin anew, many of the ailments that plagued us,miracleous goes away.  For some, we may spend a lifetime trying to get back to our soul the true self.  The dreams that we have buried, the light that shines is hidden and we awaken to a self that is not recognizable.

We all began with dreams at 7 or 8 years old.  We were going to conquer the world.  We dreamed of becoming the singer, artist, running back, the best hoopster,fireman, scientist or the doctor.  We may have had dreams of writing a book, perfecting the perfect cookie and winning awards.  We had constructed a world that we were invincible and the center of our world.

What happened to our dreams and wishes? While in school, we shared our dreams or thoughts, with family or friends . The response may have been. Who do you know that has done any of those things? What are you crazy?  So the list of naysayers may have been many.

Aside from the critics, there are those who nurtured and encouraged you to pursue the dreams of your heart.  Go back and check in with those who encouraged you. Begin to reconnect with the voice that says you can. Say yes to life.

Today I am beginning my story of  that little girl who lived in Alaska and looked at the moose in the eye.  She had dreams of drawing and writing.  She designed and played out the way she would design her house, she walked in the woods just outside Fairbanks and met the magical moose who knew she was caring and giving.  The moose was her friend in her dreams and her protector.

Alaska was the new frontier and pioneering spirit was everywhere.  This was a time before the Alaskan pipelines.  There were the quonset huts  where I went to school in a frigid cold of the Alaskan tundra. The days and nights blended into one during the winters. There was only 4 hours of daylight during the long months of snow.

During those dream like times, we begin  to  create within. Those are underpinning of writers, designers, artists,  and scientist.  It is in those solitude, we have a special time to go within. The creative mind has the seed of the idea.

Creating a story or designing your first painting and sharing with others is the knowing your talent.  This is the beginning and when you return to this time in your mind, you locate your true self and you will rediscover your passion. Each of us has a special talent that may be dormant and we need wings to soar.

This is the first segment of the Harvest of your Dreams.  I would love to hear from you and look forward to your comments.

Resources that might help you reconnect and find your passion:


To your wealth and happiness

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