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Growing a garden is like becoming wealthy

If you every started a garden, you have a vision or a goal in mind. I wanted to plant veggies and start off with seeds or transplants.  I set an intention to grow winter greens and know that the conditions in the area is mild temperature and rains are frequent.  These conditions are ideal for growing mustard greens, chard, collards and spinach. Next choice is protecting my garden and have a net to cover and prevent birds and cats from ruining my efforts. These veggies will comeback and reproduce more leaves that can be harvested. In essence what I am doing is repeat, rinse and do again the process.

This is analogous to growing your money and creating wealth.  I want to develop multiple streams of income.   I made a decision to rent out rooms in my home on a short term basis. I set up conditions and choose a niche market to market my home or room for rent. I choose a niche market and have chosen to market to traveling nurses and health professionals. I generate money from this endeavor.

Another stream  is to promote my garden and flowers that I grow both indoor and outdoor. I like to share my photos of my garden and resources that I have used. Now I can share my passion of growing plants by offering the sale of succulents and e-books on growing amaryllis and re-blooming orchids.  This allows me to be more effective and reaching people who like what I like: gardening

Another stream of income  is in trading and building my investing is choosing to trade and invest in options.  I  select options and specific rules that I follow to make my choices.  By selecting my sector that I choose to trade, I do not get distracted with all the noise in the market. I set a goal to generate $100 per week from my various accounts. Over time this will produce small amounts that lead to larger amounts.


  1. Recap of the gardening to becoming wealthy is to have 5 rules that generate income on its own
  2. set a goal that you can become successful
  3. set up the conditions that are optimized for success. keep a log of your plans
  4. choose a specific market
  5. repeat, rinse and do again.

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I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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