Gratitude A Way Of Giving Back

Nature gives us so much in the way of resources.  Have you looked at leaves and how they can reused, recycled and reclaimed.  Today I looked at the leaves that are flowing in my garden and decided today was a day to find another use of the abundant leaves.

Yesterday, I had scooped them up and put them out to the waste management.  Today, I had second thoughts.  What if  I could harvest these leaves and restore my soil and my plants? The leaves can be recycled and returned to the soil.  This is nature’s way of providing a natural compost and give back nutrients to the soil.

Today’s message is recylce, reuse ,reclaim and restore.  In my garden I often take food scraps and add them to the soil.  I prefer the bananas to add to my roses and create beautiful roses.  I simply add the banana peel and dig a hole around the rose bush.

I had many undeveloped compost piles in my yard and decided to add the piles to large brown paper bags.  This will speed up the composting process and just adding green and brown mixtures and of course some water to enhance the decomposition.  Next spring, I will have the best soil for my new plantings.

Since I am a high consumer, I have been thinking of more ways that I can recycle and reduce my consumption.  All my packaging is separated into the plastics and paper.  I can add the paper products to my compost bins with my green waste.

The money that I save with my recycling with allow me to invite some friends for a wonderful tea.  This is my way of celebrating my new travel contract and share my thoughts on gratitude.

Gratitude today is to look for ways to reclaim and restore our environment or our homes.  The savings can be used to express your gratitude and invite friends and families members to converse about their dreams and how we can help each other reach their goals.

As I worked in the garden today, I witness how a new Christmas Catcus blooming.  Seeing these new buds remind me that the sun and flowers are part of the seasonal gifts.  It is up to us to notice and see how we can choose to be in the moment.

Take some time to savor tea and quiet time.  This inner relections allow us to renew, restore and reclaim and discover our talents.  Just as we can recycle and restore in the garden, we can restore and renew ourselves without buying something to feel good.  We can look around and find our greatest treasures are within.

Create a special place within your home and return to the nourishing place after a long busy day and give back to yourself time to wind down.  Just as now we are preparing our gardens for the winter, we can develop a routine that will provide  healthy exercise, healthy eating and balance in our work.  By practicing gratitude daily, we can begin to select what is most important and not dwell on those things that do not nourish us.

Working out in the garden is a great way for me to be in the moment.  I can create new arrangments and try new ways to put plants together.  I have noticed that my belly fat is shrinking.  I am doing the exerices that help move the pudge.

Eating healthy is best when we select and prepare our own meals.  I am experiementing with new breakfast smoothies.  Here is my favorite smoothie: 1 banana, 1 tablespoon of almond butter, 2 oz to 4 oz of nonfat yogurt, 2 tbls cocoa and oat meal and 3 oz of vanilla rice milk. Blend until smooth in a blender or food processor.  I drink this and my next meal will be lunch.  I have do not need a midmorning snack.

Balance in work is important.  I just accepted a new contract that will allow me to have cash flow and to travel with the least amount of stress.  I accepted this position, because this will allow me to help my mum, pay my obligations and to build my wealth assest.  Choosing balance means that we care about ourselves and will not drink from an empty cup.

Today’s Gratitude message is about restoring, reclaiming and recognizing our true gifts so that we can be more in balance.


Wishing you health, happiness and wealth

Chari Farmer Ogogo

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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