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Goal Setting Made Easier

Seeds Of Greatness What makes goals difficult to adhere?  What comes to mind is our failure to have clarity in defining what we want to attract or become.

When we talk about wealthy, what comes to mind?  Is it have a certain amount of money earned in a year’s time?  Do we desire to live in a certain house?  What type of car do we desire you drive?  Who will we share our goal with?  Is there someone we want to show our new found wealth  with?

Writing a goal might be difficult, however, if we collect or take  photos or sayings that we can graphically show of wealth, it will resonnate with us and become the reality.

Recently, I wanted to travel and was looking for a way to travel and continue to have a certain income.  I chose to rent out my home for three months and use some of the money for the travel adventure that I desired. Planning and taking action makes a goal real.

Another goal, I had was to increase my investments and my savings, I listened to tapes and read books to increase my knowledge.  So on Friday, I received an email that I was shy of $4000 to reach my investment goal.  I used an online account that monitors my investment and lets me know weekly how I am doing towards my retirement goals.

Another goal is to create a wealthy mindset, who am I hanging out with?  What do I read and listen to.  I set up some nice music in my studio and relax and read uplifting books.  I like easy listening jazz and this makes me feel upbeat.  I workout daily at the gym, this is to get my body in shape and have time to meditate.

Before I retire each evening, I make sure that I shutdown all electronic equipment and have time to retreat and recap my day and think of all the things that I accomplished.  This is my time to build be up before I snooze. Healthy habits are wealthy habits.

My morning routine includes, waking up with a prayer and gratitude thoughts.  This allows me to get centered before I head out and I am armed and ready for the days venture. Gratitude is a form of wealth in motion and to appreciate what we alread have now.

One routine that I subscribe to is listen to a webinar or read something that is building me up and feeding my mind with positive sayings and well wishes for the day.  What we put into our mind and what we speak can transform our day and allow us to see more clearly.

In conclusion, goals are part of my daily routine and not separate from my daily work.  When we find our goals and work are mirror image of who we are, it is easier to reach the goals.  May you gather a gem from this blog.






Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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