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We can only grow so much if we are isolated.  Without mentors and teachers, we limit our ability to grow and become more.  Today, I was so fortunate to find a ongoing stream that talks about business.  People who are wealthy are not afraid to share their time and information.

Today I was seeking more knowledge and how to grow my business.   Once we are in the mode to learn more, the teacher will apprear.  I have found that when we are trying to take from others instead building up, we limit our world.  It is a wise person who recognizes that to grow we must be willing to learn something new each day.

It is not necessary to build a new product, however it is important to follow a proven model and method.  Branding and marketing are tools you must understand to grow your business. I had an opportunity to listen and watch several videos by Sir Makadoo.  He works with what he has and shows his viewers how to build a thriving business with a little of money.

To build a business earning $5k per month is a mathematical model.  You can sell so many widgets, but the real growth is in recruiting others see how easy it is duplicate.  Take a $5 product and sell 3 and give one away for free.  This is an example that Sir Makadoo describes in one of his video.  He is sharing a concept and model that almost any one can duplicate.

I had the opportunity to meet a protege of Sir Makadoo and see how he promotes and plans his business.  He is right in the urban cities on the West Coast.  He is demonstrating how this is an effective model.  So many people want to start their own business, however, many are afraid and can not envision that it can be done starting out small.  You can test the market and build your client base.  One of the keyes is you must own your product and this way you can reap 100% profit.

I thought about my tea business and how this model could apply in my business.  A private label product is a easy product to sell.  The cost is usually less than $2 and if you can sell for $6 you have recouped your money.  When you multiply these numbers by 100, you can see the profit margin and if sold by volume your costs would go down.

Here is Sir Makadoo discussing how you  too can be  in business and describing what is a business.  He discusses what is the difference between selling and recruiting.  When we have an understanding of this, our business grows.  We have learned the difference and how to obtain repeat business.

Hope these ideas help you grow and I give thanks for the message and information.  This was a true benefit for me.

To your health, happiness and wealth

Chari Farmer Ogogo

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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