Day 2 Gratitude Journal

Display kindness to others in the form of service.  How can we present with a person?  Sometimes we are so busy with our schedules and commitments we can not stop to really listen to another and their concerns.  We are so intent on our personal concerns.  When we really take time this is the gift of compassion and being in the moment.

As I was working in my garden and clearing up the overgrown bushes and trees, I discovered some beautiful red roses and thought that my mum would like the flowers.  So as I pruned, I collected roses and placed in a vase.

Traveling from my home to the Bay Area, I placed the flowers in the backseat of my car.  Flowers given for just because, is a way to express kindness to another and without expectations. We can stop for a moment, give flowers now.

Everyday my mum tells me her time is short.  She is nearly 90 and is alert and shares her wisdom now. She walks regularly to the post office and greets many on her street.  I can truly say I have learned a lot about becoming neighborly and not prejudging.

 Here is a video of my mum who walks and still answers her door when visitors come.  I felt honored to share some flowers with her.  There may come a time when her walk may be labored.  For today, I am glad to spend a few moments with her and listen to her stories of those who have made their transition and what each person contributed.
One book that I cherish is Happiness Now  by K. MacDougall and reminds me of how we can choose to look at life.  We can mourn about our troubles or we can find the good in the moment. Reflecting back on the quotes in Happiness Now has reminded me how do I want to respond to a job loss?  Do I blame others or do I get up, brush off and move forward?  I have a choice and it is up to me to choose my path. Just for today, I am choosing to see a better day and by providing service to another, I can cease concentrating on my loss.
While prunning and raking leaves, I had a ladder that I got my ring finger caught as I folded up the ladder.  I had on gloves and the pinching hurt, however,  I took off my glove to exam my fingers.  The uncomfortable pinch did not last for long.  I wiggled my fingers and got my hand back to normal.  This minor pinching reminded me of the events of the past week.  This too shall past and it will be a moment that I will soon forget.
May you give flowers to others so that they can smell the perfume and enjoy the gifts from the earth. Take time to spend with others that you can enjoy the moment, laugh with others and plan time for the special events.
Wishing you health, happiness and wealth.
Chari Farmer Ogogo

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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