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Courage to stand not fall, Wealth principles

Courage under fire is being able to believe and have integrity when no one is
looking. I recently had a misunderstanding with a neighbor and it looked like it
was going to be a legal issue.

What I learned is the importance of not blaming another but looking for the common ground.
When we look for the good and ask for the best outcome, there is a way to dissolve
contention and move to a higher ground.

What I received from this experience was who was available to help and give support.
I was able to speak clearly what my desire was and not force a legal confrontation. I gained
strength and patience and the ability to see a positive outcome.

Faith was my guiding post and it served me in such a way that I gained wisdom
and the ability to stand for what I believed without making the other person
wrong. We can choose to be right or we can choose to find a common ground.

When we are in business, we are often tested and the unexpected will
occur. When we choose to be guided by principles that can stand the test of time
and rest assured all will work out. There are no quick fixes, however, when we
have integrity others will see our light.

Another lesson that I learned was the importance of using silence. When we become too emotional,
we can lose sight of the diamonds. Silence will allow us to get clarity and sift through the
fog and murkiness.

When someone steps on our toes, we do not need to
fight or try to get even. It is better to assess is this a battle or a
misunderstanding. Not everything requires a reaction that will cause pain.
Choose a strategy that will bring peace and more understanding.
The final lesson that I learned was the importance of learning to live and let live. As
an avid gardener and touching living things, plants have a way of teaching us how to
live in harmony with nature.

May your life be free from friction and
filled with love and happiness. Find the good in life each and every day.

Happy investing in yourself

Chari Farmer Ogogo


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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