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Clearing out the old and preparing for the new

Today as I began to write, I thought about how my garden needs clean up and removing the old dead vegetation and liken this to our daily work.

The Fall clean up and preparing for the harvest.  Cleaning up the beds and preparing the beds for the winter seeds.

Is your office cluttered with paper, ideas unfinished and things to do?  I looked around and yes my office needs to cleaned up and my files need updating and I need to complete this entry and keep my readers abreast of growing and stretching and building their business. I am a billboard of my work.

To say true to my mission of building my business and creating time for my family and social life.  Clearing out the clutter takes a few minutes and prepares the way for writing and completing my short term goals and long term goal of creating residual income.

Global online business is about researching and looking for the best tools and ideas that can give your business the competitive edge.  I have many tools that have enhanced my work and networks that have supported me along the way.  As I move on this journey, I am connecting more with others and find that each of use brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts that can enhance my development.  I often use the resources that I recommend and can rate them on a scale of 1 to 10 as the best or the use caution when using their service or product.

Since I travel a great deal in my business, I see good businesses and those with poor customer service.  Today a business must have a good idea of their customer and what their needs are. Are you doing a poll and a survey?  Building your network requires attention to detail and creating a win-win.

In my work of travel, I meet people who have great relationship skills and know how to make you feel comfortable and easy to share ideas. This is customer service. You might be an introvert and like the idea that the internet is a way not to get too personal.  What I have discovered from the most successful people is there must be a balancing between relating and connecting.  If we want to be isolated and not engage with others, we will need to delegate our marketing to others who like engagement.

Writing a blog or a newsletter requires an understanding who is your audience.

As you connect with others, you begin to discover that everyone has an idea, a story and interests that might be the building of your network.  One of my networks is SFI which I connected in 2011.  I am still part of this organization and have met some amazing people who have shared their lives and I learned about their challenges of building an online network business.   I met people from Morocco, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenyan, Germany and so on.

Today, I am continuing to build my business and stretch more and use multi-channels of marketing.

The internet is one tool and there are many ways of marketing both online and offline.  I encourage you to set back from the computer and take a walk outside and engage with others and think of the many ways you can grow your business.  Come back to your computer and write down who you know, what is your relationships with them, who would you like to know and how much time are you ready to devote to your business.

The garden is calling and must do some clean up before I start my day.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful and growing your business.


Blessings and gratitude

Chari Farmer Ogogo


Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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