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7 Seeds to Grow Wealth

photo-1458419134412-a850cb737831What are the traits and habits of wealthy women? How do we define wealth? Why Wealth is important?
There are habits that women develop over time that build wealth. Like seeds that are planted, it is a long-range view. You are creating a foundation to build your wealth. You develop a vision and planting schedule. I use pumpkins seeds over buying transplanted plants. I know that the seeds have to take time to grow and develop into a plant, flowers and then I can harvest in 60 to 90 days. Using the garden as an analogy, we can relate this to a wealth strategy and how we build wealth over time.

There are seven habits that wealthy women follow. According to Deborah Owns a wealth coach there are seven habits you must follow to realize a 7 figure income in retirement. These habits are practiced by women who have an understanding about money and how money is a tool for now and the future.
first seed is Pay yourself first and add value to yourself. To make this a priority is this can be accomplished by automating from your income weekly or monthly. If you have a regular income this can be done through a 401k, Roth Ira, traditional IRA or a sep IRA if you are a business owner. Since 1993, there are many possibilities. Another way to pay yourself is to use an app such as You can begin with $5 save to invest. This is an automatic system set up and you can begin to see compounding.
The second seed is to have established an emergency fund for those things that will happen. Set aside a plan for this and when the car breaks down or when the family has a pressing need. You will have a plan to meet this and not derail your future plans.
Third seed is to identify your strengths. What are your income sources and how much do you have? You may be surprised what assets you have that are hidden. Do you have a classic car sitting in your garage or how about a collection of VHS? There are collectors looking for these items.Are you a Star Wars fan? What type of collection do you have?
What type of skills do you have? Perhaps you are great in organizing? People have stuff and need a way to organize and remove the clutter.
Fourth Seed is acquiring knowledge. Many people get their information from friends and news that is partially true such as checkout stands at the grocery lines.. Take time to read, ask questions and learn from new sources. Have you read Wall Street Journal, Forbes or Investors News. What are you reading on a regular basis?
Fifth Seed is define your focus. The focus is setting and achieving goals. How can you save or earn an additional $500 for the holidays? Can you set aside extra $7.00 per day for a week? If you do not eat out daily, in 90 days you can save $560. One woman asks me for $200 to loan her and I noticed she was posting on her Facebook feed a new place she had discovered to eat out and the food was great. When we indulge in immediate gratification, we decrease our future income. Learn to cook, stick to a meal plan budget and eat out less frequently. Become healthier and wealthier.
Sixth Seed is mindset. Are you feeding yourself with uplifting messages, are you listing and reading about ways to increase your wealth. Subscribe to newsletters, books, and seminars that share good news and keep you motivated to build a better life for myself and others.
Seventh seed is to have a system in place for creating wealth. One system that I use, is to pay myself first, spend less than I bring in. I have used a future adviser to keep track of my investments and income. There are others such as Personal Capital and Betterment. These systems allow you to keep track of your progress and you might see trends that you can change in your spending and saving habits. Part of my seventh seed is to bring it forward and create a legacy. In having a system, we begin with planting, harvesting and repeating the steps for the next season. and continue the process and have an ongoing plan to create a legacy.
Do you have a will or a living will in place? One of the services that I have used is This is the way to determine how you want your assets to be transferred to your future generation.

Happy Investing in yourself and your future

Chari Farmer Ogogo

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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