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$500 Challenge to grow your idea

business strategyI am recommending this challenge to get your business growing and duplicating. The strategy is  goal setting and the steps are doable.  The author of this strategy is William Ford, an affiliate with SFI marketing group.
Duplication for your growth and using a coop for your team.
Grow, learn, and earn.  Work as a team. Duplication is the other side of massive commissions. The system provides advertising services with  custom urls to help you drive more traffic to your custom url. Here’s the corrected link: The beauty of a co-op is that your team is built for you and it saves you time and money on your overall advertising cost.
The 30 Day $500 Dollar Challenge is under way and there are 19 days to go. Will you be able to make the grade? Only time will tell and it depends on you! Use the free resources to drive traffic to your gateway. By partnering with WGF Enterprises, Inc. you will get the ongoing training videos  that are in the works on a  YouTube channel added benefit of a newsletter service and training so you can explode your SFI business.

Any niche can use this service.  You can chose a package or plan.  Also your custom url can be outfitted with digital gift codes or your own products.  There is a per diem of $25.00 per item.   As delivered to you it is FREE!  Use the free ad sources and test small then scale up for bigger results. is a tracking service and will provide you with valuable information about your advertising efforts.  To start you out try 3 services:  is the link to the list.
Let’s go with:
I’m excited for you . . .but you must do the work of course.   Too many affiliates think that money comes for the sky!   No, you have to do the right set of actions
I’ve talked about a mind map and planning out how you are going to do it and what it is going to require of you everyday.   You need to know which products give the best DCs.
Once you know what you are going to promote – PROMOTE LIKE CRAZY!
I’ve discussed channels.   There are a 1001 different ways to promote and you can’t possible be an expert in all of them.  So pick about 5 different ways and stick with it for 30 days tracking your efforts. 
Let’s say the 5 channels you are going to use are:
1.  Facebook
2.  Twitter
3.  GooglePlus
4.  Safe list marketing
5.  Pinterest
What I recommend is that you go to youtube and look up video tutorials for promoting on these channels.  Take notes on what you learn then go put it into action tracking for improvement.
According to William, promotes  safe list marketing.  He use this because it works.  You have to be consistent and stay on your mailing schedule and when you do you will see results and always track for improvement.   Other marketing  using classified ads, Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus, blogging, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.   The bottom line is you have got to be working the plan for the plan to work.
Have fun
Look forward to sharing more great tips to grow your business.
Chari Farmer Ogogo

Chari Ogogo

I help people nearing retirement understand their finances via one on one coaching, webinars and blogging.

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