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Do you have an Accountability Partner?

Do you Have an Accountability Partner?Who supports you? Do you meet on a regular basis?  Are you of the school you will pick yourself up and can do this by yourself?  One of the things that athletes who train for the Olympics, an event or just for the next goal, is they have a coach or someone who can assist how they can reach the next level. That coach or accountability partner can see your strengths and areas that can impair and point out how you can improve that move. If you want to write that bestseller, you might need an editor or take composition courses to improve your craft.  Do you want to sell online or market your product or service? How do you gauge is the best way, This might be the technical details. It is having another set of eyes that can help you reach your goal.

What may lie underneath and can undermine your best efforts are your habits.  Do you have short-term goals written down?  Are you working daily towards your dream? What is your long-term goal? Why is it important to you? Do you have a quiet space to work on your projects, manage your money and know the details of your finance? What are the distractions? What inspires you?  Does watching all the latest shows of DIY shows or HGTV episodes for hours before starting or completing your goals for the day? Habits or distractions can derail your best ideas.

What do you believe about yourself?  I am a writer and make money from my craft.  What am I doing each day to make this happen? Who knows what I write? Do I have a youtube channel?  Who is my target audience? What type of books do I write and how can I make a difference in someone’s life?

AALBC.com, the African American Literature Book ClubAALBC.com, the African American Literature Book Club


These are questions that you and an accountability partner can pose and get you on your path and reach your goal sooner rather than later.  I have used some tools that have helped me to visualize my work.  Trello.com works for me as a project management tool.  Your habits must be consistent with what you believe and how you plan to show up. (put in the link)

To create new habits that support your beliefs, you must decide what is your goal and make the changes.  I got organized and wrote my to-do tasks as a memo on my phone daily. I made an appointment with myself.  I planned my project on Trello.com.  I decided to plan and add a course that I wanted to complete within 30 days as part of my to-do-tasks. One of the courses I am taking now is How to find and know your Avatar.  https://theblackbusinessschool.com/courses/enrolled/239920

Choose to grow and build your self-esteem and get support for your dreams.  Have a focus on your goal.  Set up your plan for success and make an appointment for your goal daily. Take a course that can support you along the way. Do you have an accountability partner?

Happy investing in yourself one day at a time.

Chari Farmer Ogogo


Be a comeback !!!

Portrait of twobusiness woman working in her office.

What skills and attitudes to do you need? Nobody becomes a winner without playing in the game. You got to learn the rules of the game (money, basketball, love). Study the success to find the clues.
Make the moves.The most important skill is to make the moves. Practice on the court. Create daily habits. Jump in and start to engage. Has your personal credit been trashed? Find out what areas are deficient and start to work on the areas that you can improve. Is it because you have low income and too many debts? Define your skills and what could bring in you do to earn more. Connect on private board. I use  Trello board: monetize your passion to profits. Have you ever considered a business? Learn the difference between personal and business credit.

Take a shot. You can not let fear prevent you from trying to shoot the ball. More shots you take, the better your aim. I want to become the best blogger in my field. I write daily drafts and put down my ideas. Share every three days my writing. Am I perfect? Not always, but the intent is to write and become better and to get noticed. Contact a credit monitoring and begin to renegotiate your debts and develop a plan to tackle your personal credit. Learn about business credit and how to build.

Get the rebound.I get a coach to check out my spelling, grammatical errors and work on my strengths. I have replaced the fear of taking action with concrete steps. For credit challenges, you might want to develop a separate business identity.

Happy investing in yourself and create a better tomorrow today
Chari Farmer Ogogo

Let your light shine!!!

Be a force for positive change. Your family, community and you desire more zest and enthusiasm. The news of the day tells us what we need to pray and place on a prayer list. We are questing for a purpose and intention to honor the dignity of all.

Make a decision to be more now. Choose to be excellent today. Organize and create your focus for 30 days. I invite you to check out https://trello.com/invite/b/k4GpbMwe/7b00bd558684b7c2a12ac7dcb8f3c5ae/be-savvy-live-wealthy-membership

Plan for life what is your purpose? storyteller, writer, photographer, artist
Choose your skills and list which ones make you happy and joyful. How you start your day can determine are you just living for the weekend. Choose a path that blends your desires with your work.

Raise your bar Be willing to think big and imagine what your life can be.
Replace limiting beliefs with I can, I know, I believe in the possible. If your challenge is spending too much, then replace consumerism with how can you produce something, invest in knowledge or become an owner of assets.

Solve problems instead of making excuses. What is your excuse today? Is it overwhelm? Retrain your thinking of breaking down an excuse into bite-size solutions.

Believe in yourself Self-confidence and confidence are the keys to unleashing your success and allowing your light to shine. Are you afraid of public speaking? Join a speakers group such as Toastmasters. Are you afraid of making live Facebook.com or youtube.com? Make short videos and make them private to select groups.

Happy investing today for tomorrow.
Chari Farmer Ogogo