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The Wealth Choice

Financial FreedomThe wealth choice is a great read.  Have you ever wanted to know how someone overcame the obstacles or challenges to become a millionaire? There are several keys that self-made millionaires have: Burning Desire

willingness to stay focused
willingness to work
surround yourself with a team of like-minded
use networks to build your team
are avid readers
choose never to give up

Wealth Choice is a read that can inspire you to take your dream to the next level. Dennis Kimbro was a student of think and grow rich and interviewed many self-made millionaires.  He is a professor and author of several books. I recommend this book for the stories of the contemporary winners and heroes and sheroes.
What to study and stay focus, try out the Black Keys to Greatness. This follow some of the same tenets recommended by Dennis Kimbro.
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How to think like a Millionaire by Dr. Boyce Watkins. is a must read if you want to transform your life and create a legacy of generational wealth. Building wealth is not just for us, but it is to past on to our families. We write wills, have insurance and ideas that allow one to give a blueprint of the times we lived. The succeeding generation can benefit if they have the keys to understanding what the challenges we encountered and what steps we took to overcome. Now pass the baton with knowledge and seed money.

Wishing you the best
Chari Farmer Ogogo
The wealth mastery coach
author, Be Savvy Live Wealthy