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The Four Keys: Identify, Release, Replace and Repeat . Journey revisit

1921101_725799697454254_316121448_oIf you are unhappy with any part of your life and you want to change it, it is necessary to:

  1. identify the negative thoughts that created your unhappiness.
  2. Release those negative thoughts
  3. Replace them with positive thoughts that can bring what you want.
  4. Repeat these positive thoughts in the form of affirmations frequently until you achieve your goal.

I am on a mission to change my financial picture in my life.  I had to revamp my whole life and recreate a new living lifestyle.  This has led me to the position to downsize my household.  It has many challenges of letting go of things that no longer serve me.

We get tested to see if we really want to increase our financial household.  Can you give things away and allow more good to come to you?  This was my first test.  I needed work done on my house and did not have all the cash upfront.  A guy like some of my furniture and we bartered.  For me the deal was bittersweet.  I liked the bed and it was hard parting with it.  But in the end, I remembered why I was downsizing and perhaps releasing it was for the best.

Another test came when I tried to hire a electrician to do some work to remodel parts of the my new studio.  I received quotes that were unreasonable.  My instinct told me take my time and do it at a later date.  Once I let go of the rush to complete all my to do list, I relaxed and felt better about building a new space without rushing.  As I begin to reset my time table, I saw things with new eyes. I was able to move my art and pictures and create a cozy studio.  It is taking shape that I could not have envisioned before.

Getting back to my desire to become financially more fit, I decided to learn more about investing with stocks and learn some new skills.  As with everything that we start out, it takes times to become a master.  So I have chosen to work with a mentor and with a group who are interested in learning about stocks.  This journey will take time, however, I believe that I will be able to help others who want to change their financial picture.

As I began the journey to downsize, I give thanks for the wonderful people who have come to support me in this journey and  to meet new people who are on a similar quest.

After making the move, I will no longer be working to pay a huge mortgage, I can garden, work in my studio and write the book about the Visionary Entrepreneur.  I will be supported by several streams of income. A lifelong dream that is finally coming to fruition.

Let me recap what my first steps along the journey has been:  identify what you want to accomplish, what are you willing to exchange to reach your goal, can you change your thinking and become open to new possibiities.  Once I took the steps, I attracted some powerful mentors who are guiding me along this journey.

It has been 9 months since I started on the journey to downsize.  I have had some memorable moments and now it is time to unveil what did I accomplish.

I was able to live on less than I earned.  I released some old ways of showing up.  My circle of friends got smaller and I gained more confidence in following my heart.  I got more spiritual and found myself. The old self was released and now it looks like I will be moving back to my home.  I now have new skills and confidence.

My mentors have given me support and now it is time to take action and begin living and not be in suspense until a certain day arrives.  Each day we are given so many hours to live.  It is best to live today as if this is your last day.  When we put off living fully, we lose the ability to live today.

I got some money skills that will help me to meet my needs and some wants. The downsizing was an adventure and now it is time to move in a more powerful way with my new money skills.

Wishing you the best,

Chari Farmer Ogogo



What are we eating ?

flowers for my journal and cards

How can we eat better and still become healthy? I was intrigued by this article by  Mike Caldwell, writer with Self Improvement. Read and find out something that you may not be aware.

When  it comes to fruit and vegetables the problem is what is now missing from them.  When it comes to meat and animal based food (eggs, milk, cheese, etc.) the  problem now is what is being added. Food production is now big business.  Instead of our beef coming from a farm it comes from a Concentrated Animal  Feeding Operation (CAFO). Just like with the fruit and vegetables, animal  products are no longer produced for nutrition, they are produced for profit.

Today, I want to talk about out meat based foods and explain that the problem  with these is not with what they are lacking, but what is being added.

Let’s look at beef as an example. Personally, a good steak or a slice of prime  rib is one of my favorite meals. But where does beef come from?

** To read the full article, go here.

What I learned from this article, is that I have begun to research more about growing my own foods and having a protein source.  There was a time not too long ago, people grew foods in their gardens and kept a few chickens.  There is no accident there is a resurgence of backyard gardens and becoming more frugal. Buying less instead of more is the new wealthy motto.

Wishing you health, happiness and wealth



Getting Clients or Customers

happy sunHere is a step by step way to get clients organically.  It is by building the relationship and sharing your wealth of knowledge.  From IAHBE, here are some great tips:


Here is a discussion of how to attract clients, with some unusual ideas. Consultants often do not view themselves as entrepreneurs, but that is exactly what they are. Many of them are just like most of us–home based entrepreneurs. This means, in order to make money, consultants must promote their specialty in whatever ways they can. To stand out from the other thousands of consultants, you must build relationships, networks, and word of mouth promotion. Here are some ideas about these:

  • According to The Oxford Dictionary, a network is “a group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes.”
  • Great networkers build their networking group well before they are needed. Waiting until you need them means they will not be available.
  • Successful networking depends on quality rather than quantity. By tapping into your existing relationships and networks, you’re able to keep tabs not only on what everyone is doing professionally and personally, but also to see what opportunities might be out there where your background and skills could fit.
  • The best thing about many online social networking sites is their group features. On LinkedIn, for example, if you type “consultants” in for a “Groups” search, you’ll see almost 2,000 different groups you can join to meet other consultants, find out about upcoming events in your area, and a lot of other things.
  • In addition to social networking, consultants need to spend quality time face-to-face with current and potential clients. There are meeting events all around the country which you can find out about here. Have you tried meetup within your local area?  There are several listing that will give you an opportunity to speak and show you are an authority.

Click here to learn more about getting your copy of IAHBE


Wishing you health, happiness and wealth

Chari Farmer Ogogo