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Financial comebacks for women

This is the latest new video for Bsavvylivewealthy.com. There are some projects beginning in February. We are starting Be Savvy Live Wealthy membership program which can support you while you are redesigning your life and follow your passion. Some of the projects: How $5/day can help you to invest; How to earn monthly income from stock market; How to invest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency; How an accountability partner can make a difference in meeting your goal, how to use technology to make your business grow, provide regular updates and plan meetings to review your progress.
Leave a comment and which area would be of interest.

Happy investing and grow your future
Chari Farmer Ogogo
Be Savvy Live Wealthy. From a setback to a comeback after 50

Why develop self reliance?

No matter where you are you can grow something to eat. Shift your thinking and you’d be surprised at the places your food can be grown! Windowsill, fire escape, and rooftop gardens have the same potential to provide impressive harvests as backyard gardens, greenhouses, and community spaces. ~Greg Peterson, Grow Wherever You Go! Discovering the Place Where Your Garden Lives, 2009, www.urbanfarm.org

The world has so many problems and news of the day is downright negative. It is difficult to find the heartwarming story or glimmer of hope. We must guard our sanity to be able to work, not overindulge and be an inspiration to our family and community.
To keep our minds and hearts in balance, we must find a hobby that provides a respite from the chatter of the world.
Here is a list of why hobbies can find your inner sanctuary.
A hobby can give you a sense of self-efficacy.
A hobby can be a creative outlet.
Having hobbies will keep your brain engaged.
A hobby gives you something to look forward to.
A hobby can give you something to be passionate about.

Here are a few hobbies that can offer that creative outlet for your soul.
cooking from your kitchen
playing an instrument
having a pet such as fish.

These are just a few ideas to explore and in no time you may find your hobby that fuels your soul and gives your life meaning. Your hobby can allow you to make a difference in your family and community.

Happy investing in yourself.

Chari Farmer Ogogo
Be Savvy Live Wealthy

Are you an entreprenuer or side hustler?

You need to always be in the learning mode. Side hustling is very much a self-exploration process, from the experience you learn what you are good at and what you are terrible in.
Life happens and there are no shortcuts to gaining experience and know-how. I got this idea and I choose to write early in the morning or late at night. There is a story inside you and when you begin your story, you will find your stride.
I now begin with a brainstorming session. Writing whatever comes to mind. Then I go back and refine or edit.
Do you have inspirational quotes or news of the day that you want to comment?
I find inspiration from gardening and my relationship to growing succulents. This is easy and I can share my plants and how to grow and propagate.
I have a file of photos about succulents and how to propagate.
How am I going to take my love of growing succulents and share it with others? write an ebook
Is this a viable business idea? What type of license do I need?
How can I market and what can I learn and earn from this business idea?
What is my system for growing, propagating and getting the word out? nextdoorapp, e-blast
Consistency and persistence are key to staying with your idea.
What are my daily habits?
Here is a printable worksheet to get you started.
Monthly Budget Printable Worksheet
Happy investing in yourself
Chari Farmer Ogogo