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Be Savvy Live Wealthy recommends these online courses at as a great way for beginners to learn how to create their online marketing program.

9 Great Online Courses To Get You Started

  1. Learn How To Get To Freedom As Fast As Possible: The Course To Get It Free Now
  2. What is an Avatar and to select an Avatar. Check out the Avatar Analyzer!
  3. MPAID how to build your 6 figure income. Learn more about online MVA business planning.
  4. How To Find Your Passion & Make Money Doing What You Love: Learn More About The Passion Finder
  5. How to build a $5-day plan to save and invest
  6. How to make money monthly from the stock market
  7. How to open a brokerage account
  8. What is crypt-o-currency, how to open an account (video)
  9. Financial comeback (video, 8 questions, power points)
  10. The 5 Business Models You Can Use To Turn Your Intellect Into Income: The Course On How To Monetize Your Mind

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