Learn How To Monetize Your Passion To Profit

This 9 module class is a system that will teach how to set up your business and monetize your passion to a profit!

Listen to this 2 minute audio and meet Chari Farmer Ogogo:

How To Monetize Your Passion To Profit – 9 Week Course

If you have wanted to take your passions and hobbies to a new level and create income from doing what you love then this class is for YOU!

In nine action based training weeks you will learn how to:

  • define your passion
  • understand your why and your business passions
  • get an EIN number
  • the difference between a side hustle and hobby
  • create a business profile
  • determine your services and or products
  • get business credit
  • how to use credit to grow your business
  • the value and difference of personal credit vs business credit
  • how to apply for a business loan and get approved
  • maintain business credit and continue to build your business

In this audio Chari shares more about the Monetize Your Passion 9 week class and what you can expect when you join!

To get more information just contact me, Chari at: besvvylivewealthy@gmail.com