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Do you have tenacity?

Do you feel that you have lost your bearings?. The images of defeat are so real that you are ready to give up. The chatter is so loud and all the conversation is about lack and limitation. This resembles 2008 and all the fears of the past are coming up.
At this time, drop and roll. Remember you survived and thrived. What were the times you still found joy? During these turbulent times reflect on the good and use this as the fodder for moving forward. The strength is not looking at the lack, but to raise your vibration and focus on the good. When we choose to look for the good we fortify our inner immune system and repel sickness and the day does not seem bleak.
The last two weeks for those trading and investing in the stock market, we have seen the market retreat and our account values have declined. When I turned my attention to my plan and remembered the fundamentals and that I had studied for these turbulent times. I was able to select the right course of action and weathered the storm. I had stocks that were primed for earnings and the stocks exploded and made my account green. I shifted my thoughts and observations from lack or what was possible. This approach is what helps me to pay attention to the garden and how the condition can change.

Patience and look for the patterns are the key choices to plant in the garden and to invest with confidence

Chari Farmer Ogogo
Be Savvy Live Wealthy, from a setback to a comeback

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Hunting money or farming money

Beautiful female business woman consultant providing global reorganization strategy solution ideas concept.

Hunting money is what you earn when you are searching for new sales or new clients. It is the daily hustle. The grind. The money you EARN through hard work. But farming money is different.

Farming money is when you take your hard-earned money and you plant it. You plant it in a 401k. You plant it in a real estate investment. You plant it so that it will grow and build your wealth…

If you had a choice, which would you prefer? Hands up for farming money. We love to see our accounts grow and with little effort. The farming is that we need to plant seeds that we will see results. Will all the seeds planted produce viable fruit? Not always true. We must pay attention to the conditions, is it fair, seasonally warm, wet, drought can decide if the seeds will produce now or within a few weeks or months. But a true farmer will plant seeds and adjust his observations to the changes and become flexible.

Hunting money is what most of us do and it might lead to the sales. This is the approach to every day setting your target. Send more emails, follow up and chase down the clients. Does this produce stress? Absolutely.

What if we could have a mix of both styles and see positive results. We send out emails and show our clients the benefits of our system. Share with them a success pattern that would grow their money with a proven system that would not cause a negative return to their personal wealth.

4 Strategies to change your money conversation
Tax reduction with your business and personal. Teach others how to use the tax strategies throughout the year.
Correctly set up business that eliminates your personal credit at risk and you can increase your access to cash
Set up a business that guarantees success using your existing clients.
Read books or listen to about how to reconstruct your finances:
The Total Money Makeover: A proven plan for Financial Fitness by Dave Ramsey
Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom by Lynette Khalifani-Cox
The Richest Man in Babylon by George Clason
Maxed out: Hard times in the Age of Easy Credit by James Scurlock
How to get out of Debt Living Paycheck to Paycheck: 9 simple steps to financial freedom (

The emphasis is to make money do good. Invest with a purpose.

Chari Farmer Ogogo
Be Savvy Live Wealthy, from a setback to a comeback

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Thanks for stopping by to check out my updated blogs. I have grown and now I am ready to reset my blogs and share what I have learned and hope that my message will help.

My journey to recovery from a financial mess has provided me new insight. Initially, I thought that by having a goal was enough. What I learned was there was resistance on my part to let go of habits that were binding and stifling my progress. I would swing from being overly frugal to overspending.

When writing the book, Be Savvy, Live Wealthy, I encountered some major roadblocks of choosing mentors and assistance that were detours. I learned that DIY (doing it yourself) did not provide the professionalism and the desired final product. Some advice came with a high price tag and low quality.

How to select a great mentor–ask questions, ask to see their work and how they have helped others. Do they provide a guarantee for their service? Anyone who is professional will be willing to provide a guarantee and willingness to provide a refund if the services are not met.

Join a group of writers and a support team that will give feedback and offers suggestions. Writing is a skill and often practiced solo. Once you have produced a product, you will need to decide how to market and take it live.

I had so many ideas, however, I found that I needed another set of eyes to focus and gain clarity. I developed a team approach to bringing my project to fruition. One person who handles my website and the technical stuff. A person who helps with the videos and is setting up my Youtube channel. The ideas of blogs topics and writing required an editor who would check my grammar and syntax. Last but most important, how to market and brand yourself. This is the part that automation makes the difference. My goal is to be known as the how to take a setback and become a financial comeback after 50.

Happy investing in yourself
Chari Farmer Ogogo

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