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Is it possible to retire and live wealthy?


I am reaching out to those who are reaching a realization that retirement is looming ahead sooner and discovering they have too little time or resources to live their next career–retire and live wealthy. I am on a mission to share a guidepost to retire and live wealthy. It is possible.

What are you planning to do once you retire? Have you set out a plan, why do you want to retire and how can you retire? I am actively learning some new skills sets such as investing and trading in stocks, gardening and writing a blog on how investing and gardening can coexist and provide an income replacement and how food can be grown in containers and provide healthy food to augment your food budget.

I realized that I could develop 4 passive income streams to augment my retirement lifestyle: rent out rooms in my home; write an ongoing blog and share my passion about gardening and investing that might lead to a book; plan to speak about the journey that I am taking and continue to learn about investing and trading. Once I developed my plan, I begin to implement my new found wealth consciousness.

I asked several people to mentor me in the areas that I am needed assistance. I got a team together to help me on this journey to retire and live wealthy.As with any venture, there are some learning curves and false stops. The key is to keep in my mind my vision and look at my vision board regularly. Speak affirmatively and move daily my feet in the direction of my goal. Just because one door closes and it does not mean all doors are closed.

I have found that using the garden as a great metaphor for learning and inspiration. My desire to share my knowledge in a different way has to lead me to become more authentic and write from the heart. When we become clear about our mission or purpose, the roadblocks are removed and you can see clearly what was missing.

Below I am sharing one mentor that might be helpful in your journey in your desire to retire and live wealthy.
Here is the following excerpt from Dr. Boyce Watkins, The Black Business School.
Get your questions answered by your own personal finance professor. Understanding how money and wealth building work is one of the keys to the next Civil Rights movement. In far too many situations, African Americans are left trying to figure out how to achieve their economic goals in a world where it seems that the challenges are too numerous to mention. Dr. Boyce Watkins is the intellectual warrior who can help you fight your way out of the chaotic complexities of America’s capitalist landscape. Most people have a difficult time affording the cost of direct consultation from Dr. Watkins, but this course makes his expertise available to anyone who wants it. It’s very simple: You can ask any question you’d like and ask up to two questions per week. After your question is submitted, Dr. Watkins will do a video response and have the content loaded into the course for your review. So, you won’t just have access to the answer to your question, you’ll have access to the answers to all questions submitted throughout the entire week. As a member of the course, you’ll receive regular emails with updated content, as well as reminders to push you toward your personal financial objectives. It’s that simple, extremely beneficial and gives you access to your own personal finance professor! Here is the link to courses and mentors.
This course helps those who have so many ideas and may help you find focus and decide on a niche market.

Most of us have so many ideas and are often overwhelming. To be successful, it is imperative to have a coach or mentor who can guide us along our journey.
Another mentor that I have connected with is Deborah Owens, the wealth coach. She has a way of supporting you in your quest to rebuild and establish your retirement plans. I have Deborah Owens seven keys to wealth guide a wonderful resource and helped me to hone my wealthy mindset. Check out the and connect with Deborah Owens.

happy growing and investing in yourself

Chari Farmer Ogogo
Wealth Master Coach
author, Be Savvy Live Wealthy

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Tips to build a low cost online business

Most of us are looking for a way to build a business at a low cost with a high return. Here is one business that I have researched and found it to be real. Do you have a passion and want to earn money from your knowledge, check out this site and build your business with no initial out of pocket expense. The best part is the offer provides a 30-day free look. You can learn from other entrepreneurs and business owners. What have they done to create business success? The offers many areas to learn how to become successful and now you can have a community of support. offers a year-long program with coach/mentors and different stages of growing your business idea. The idea of a solo-entrepreneur is overtaxing, overwhelm and burnout; and the success today requires a team approach and support.

We can spend a ton of money trying out different business or we can choose a trial run. I prefer a trial run and learn how to build a business with a community support. You can build your business on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. These platforms are great for getting your business message out and adding the new following. How often to post and what type of system will you use to showcase your business. I have that messages daily three posts, like in groups and shares are often the best system to build your affiliate business. Here is an interview with a successful affiliate marketer, Ryan McCray. Learn how to market your business and connect with groups

Give it a try and check out what others are saying about the theblackbusinessschoolcom
Pay it forward and learn from a great community. The advantage of being in a community. You can share and learn from other members. Some of the tips that I learned was how to access free photos with no upsell. . Another tip that I learned was how to create videos that add the splash to your message. What if you need a logo and business cards. What companies can do this with a fraction of the big prices. or One member site shared how to build a business for under $500. and provides ongoing training for a notary business nationwide. Here is the link: (the Notary Business by Andre C. Hatchett)

An affiliate marketing ideas shared by a top affiliate.
Do you have a book or a service that you would like to share with a platform? Your black offers a program for both vendors and affiliates.

These are some of the links that I have used and found helpful. Hope you find them helpful in your quest to build your online business
Happy investing in yourself.

Chari Farmer Ogogo
The wealth master coach,
author Be Savvy Live Wealthy

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How to invest and trade in Stocks

What are the key things you need to make money in the stock market?

In order to profit from the stock market you need to understand a few key things:

The language of the market
How to read and interpret stock charts
How to check a companies financial fundamentals
Know when you’re wrong about a trade and get out early with a small loss.

Sounds simple enough right? Then how come everyone is not already profiting from the stock market?

The answer is most people do not understand how to do these key things and the people who do understand usually do not want to share with those of us who don’t.

One of the top stock market coaches is Jason Brown. He shares with you how he broke into the industry and mastered the key elements that most people pay thousands of dollars for.
Jason Brown, coach and writer of The Brown Report and shares in the webinairs his style and understanding of the stock market. As a student who was taking classes in Business and decided to learn about the stock market. He was able to $10,000 from a student loan and make a substantial return. He went on to receive an MBA in finance.
The most important asset is a mindset. To become successful in investing, there is way of thinking that adds value to your investing and growing your money. Practice and practice with paper trades to gain a feel how the market works. Study with a mentor or coach and follow their trades. Planning is important. Plan your why. Ask yourself questions. how much will you invest, when do you want to enter and when do you want to exit. schedule when you view your stocks and how often. Immerse and work with a support group. There are support groups where you can ask questions on facebook.

The stock market is here to stay, but are you capitalizing on it? If you plan to invest and trade, then you need to learn the key elements of stock trading and develop a mindset. Another why in the equation is that money can grow and compound and your account can grow faster than in low performing bank accounts. For example, if you start with $500 and start small and buy 1 stock. Learn the story about the stock. What sector and watch the trend before add more money to the stocks. See a $ 5.00 move in the stock before purchasing more shares. Regularly set an amount to add to your account. Choose no more than 3 stocks to watch and see which stocks move before purchasing more shares.

Don’t gamble with your financial future learn how to confidently take advantage of the stock market. Here is a link to gain a foundation to invest in the stock market and become a member of a private Facebook group. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. You can give it a trial run and see if this works for you. Look forward to seeing in the facebook group.
Foundations Banner 1

Happy Learning and investing in your future


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