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How do you celebrate?

My work was coming to a new path.  I began to see that my struggle was paying off.  I had tried to post  Facebook ads and was not too successful.  I realized that I need some intervention. I got my Facebook ads approved and was receiving some engagements.  I completed my audiobook and this had been torture.  I realized that my content needed some help.  I was successful in publishing my first audiobook, Be Savvy Live Wealthy, From a setback to a comeback.  This would allow me to publish on iTunes, youtube and social media. This is my first step to creating an evergreen product.

My financial goal is to reach 300k by the year-end.  I published my future advisor for the week and I discovered I was within 44k for the year.  This is only the second month of the year. By stating my goal, I realized that I  was moving beyond a limiting self-defined belief.  I could stretch even more.

I recently left a full-time employment and decided I wanted to work only 20 weeks per year.  This would allow me to work when I wanted, travel when I wanted and still find time to garden, write and be fully present for my family and friends.  I have a contract coming soon that will fulfill my request. By sharing my story, it may inspire others to see they have passions that are dormant and it is time to reclaim your purpose.

To celebrate my year, I made a deposit on my long-deferred trip to South Africa.  So my next venture is to visit Soweto, Johannesburg and enjoy the hospitality of South Africa this year. It is when we make small strides towards our goals, we must decide how we will celebrate.

Happy investing in yourself  today for tomorrow

Chari Farmer Ogogo

Be Savvy Live Wealthy, From a setback to a comeback.

It’s not too late to be savvy and live wealthy



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Financial comebacks for women

This is the latest new video for There are some projects beginning in February. We are starting Be Savvy Live Wealthy membership program which can support you while you are redesigning your life and follow your passion. Some of the projects: How $5/day can help you to invest; How to earn monthly income from stock market; How to invest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency; How an accountability partner can make a difference in meeting your goal, how to use technology to make your business grow, provide regular updates and plan meetings to review your progress.
Leave a comment and which area would be of interest.

Happy investing and grow your future
Chari Farmer Ogogo
Be Savvy Live Wealthy. From a setback to a comeback after 50

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Patience in 2018

I was not too patient in 2017 and often flirted without reason and made unwise snap decisions. Well now I am in 2018 and a habit that I started today was to look at a trend and stay the course. Emotions can cloud our judgment. When we cannot see behind, below or above we make a decision that does not include all the angles. This happens in not giving time for something to mature.
Often in gardening, we can not see what is below in the soil. the expression of the plant can be deceiving. What is growing below in the roots is more important than what is displaying on top.By spring, the flowers will be blooming and be showing off new colors and buds. It is in anticipation that we know will arrive. In the meantime allow hibernation and the slowing of the plants to gain momentum.
Investing or trading in the stock market does not always move the way we want. There are seasonal time and being patient is an asset.This surely happened today when I was looking at my brokerage account and found that patience was in my favor. During December some stocks that I held had been stuck in no moment or even had retreated. Knowing that this is near an earnings season, the stocks rebound in January.
I made an unwise movement in the forex, entered impulsively and saw my account plunge. Normally I would have quickly exit and took my loss. By shifting my view from a day trader to a longer-term momentum, I gained another skill set. I waited until the market retraced and was able to regain and minimize losses.
Patience taught me a lesson in not overreacting. My acronym for Patience in 2018 is Power, achieves, triumphs, intention, even flow, not haste, choose and energize.I am ready to create other habits that will serve me well and not overreact and slow down and enjoy the moments.

Happy investing and gardening

Chari Farmer Ogogo
author, Be Savvy Live Wealthy

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