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Tips to build a low cost online business

Most of us are looking for a way to build a business at a low cost with a high return. Here is one business that I have researched and found it to be real. Do you have a passion and want to earn money from your knowledge, check out this site and build your business with no initial out of pocket expense. The best part is the offer provides a 30-day free look. You can learn from other entrepreneurs and business owners. What have they done to create business success? The offers many areas to learn how to become successful and now you can have a community of support. offers a year-long program with coach/mentors and different stages of growing your business idea. The idea of a solo-entrepreneur is overtaxing, overwhelm and burnout; and the success today requires a team approach and support.

We can spend a ton of money trying out different business or we can choose a trial run. I prefer a trial run and learn how to build a business with a community support. You can build your business on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. These platforms are great for getting your business message out and adding the new following. How often to post and what type of system will you use to showcase your business. I have that messages daily three posts, like in groups and shares are often the best system to build your affiliate business. Here is an interview with a successful affiliate marketer, Ryan McCray. Learn how to market your business and connect with groups

Give it a try and check out what others are saying about the theblackbusinessschoolcom
Pay it forward and learn from a great community. The advantage of being in a community. You can share and learn from other members. Some of the tips that I learned was how to access free photos with no upsell. . Another tip that I learned was how to create videos that add the splash to your message. What if you need a logo and business cards. What companies can do this with a fraction of the big prices. or One member site shared how to build a business for under $500. and provides ongoing training for a notary business nationwide. Here is the link: (the Notary Business by Andre C. Hatchett)

An affiliate marketing ideas shared by a top affiliate.
Do you have a book or a service that you would like to share with a platform? Your black offers a program for both vendors and affiliates.

These are some of the links that I have used and found helpful. Hope you find them helpful in your quest to build your online business
Happy investing in yourself.

Chari Farmer Ogogo
The wealth master coach,
author Be Savvy Live Wealthy

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Thanks for stopping by to check out my updated blogs. I have grown and now I am ready to reset my blogs and share what I have learned and hope that my message will help.

My journey to recovery from a financial mess has provided me new insight. Initially, I thought that by having a goal was enough. What I learned was there was resistance on my part to let go of habits that were binding and stifling my progress. I would swing from being overly frugal to overspending.

When writing the book, Be Savvy, Live Wealthy, I encountered some major roadblocks of choosing mentors and assistance that were detours. I learned that DIY (doing it yourself) did not provide the professionalism and the desired final product. Some advice came with a high price tag and low quality.

How to select a great mentor–ask questions, ask to see their work and how they have helped others. Do they provide a guarantee for their service? Anyone who is professional will be willing to provide a guarantee and willingness to provide a refund if the services are not met.

Join a group of writers and a support team that will give feedback and offers suggestions. Writing is a skill and often practiced solo. Once you have produced a product, you will need to decide how to market and take it live.

I had so many ideas, however, I found that I needed another set of eyes to focus and gain clarity. I developed a team approach to bringing my project to fruition. One person who handles my website and the technical stuff. A person who helps with the videos and is setting up my Youtube channel. The ideas of blogs topics and writing required an editor who would check my grammar and syntax. Last but most important, how to market and brand yourself. This is the part that automation makes the difference. My goal is to be known as the how to take a setback and become a financial comeback after 50.

Happy investing in yourself
Chari Farmer Ogogo

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How to be savvy live wealthy

Now that you have decided you are ready to retire and live wealthy. What is your plan? Have you decided on what your new retirement you desire? How much income you desire? I will share what I have implemented on my goal to retire and live wealthy.

My first step was to plan for a two year time frame. I set aside time daily researching what type of business that can replace my current income. My first business is learning new skill sets such as how money works. I started to read and meet with others who invest and trade in the stock market. So far I have earned $1500 per month. This takes time to learn and I am still learning. My goal is to earn $5000 per month. I promote this link. msPKx3D

My second business is to write and review affiliate marketing. I am now learning about affiliate marketing. I discovered the Black Business School and found that the educational platform was helpful in my learning about business. I did not always have a business background and it was difficult to set a goal and stay focus. Since my background was in health care, I had more of an employee mentality and not a business owner. I was used to getting paid every other week and I lived that lifestyle.

By joining the Black Business School, I learned a new language and began to set new goals and meet with others who are pursuing a life without being dependent on a 9 to 5 existence. This new lifestyle is challenging me to pare down my wants and look more closely how I can live more authentically. self-study-course

Here is a breakdown of my two year plan of action. Work with a mentor, ask questions, implement my new ideas in a blog, share my knowledge of stock trading and investing, seek out more like-minded people who share my vision. One of my goals is to share save to invest with 1,000,000 women within 2 years. With the use of the internet this is realistic. There are many women who are now looking for ways to invest and save for the next career.

To date, my three projects are likely to produce real income to replace my current income. These are my 4 top focus: start with an idea, develop a plan, know what my end game and realize tangible results.

What are you willing to do to reach your goal? I chose to do the following: study, practice and be willing to learn new skills.

Here are some questions to ask yourself. How much time can you dedicate to your dream? What is your daily goal? Can you handle disappointments? Are you consistent with your efforts. I allot 2 hours per day, to study and learn something new. I practice a new technique and implement such as video making, writing blogs three times per week. Willingness to learn something new and work with others.

As I began this journey, I have released some steps and now have really dug down to ask others to mentor me and assist me on the journey. One can not believe this career change is effortless, it is a change in mindset and releasing old beliefs that can hinder your growth. Once I was open to asking for help, it became easier to see the end in sight. I am nearing the second year. I see the change or metamorphosis within 6 months. The most profound change was being open to learning new ways of seeing and allowing the change to happen. Taking care of myself in health, writing out my goals and defining a vision board of my journey.
To become successful in online marketing you must have a plan, strategy and connect with others. Learn how to set up for success. Check out the The Black Business School to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how to promote your business idea.rp57vkliqfmrwz0ktknv_shutterstock_172076027
I hope this has been a help in learning what I am doing to build my business step by step.

Happy learning and investing in yourself.

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