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Ebony Eyes, choose to see with clarity

Set aside time for yourself. Turn off the television, take time to reflect and really listen with your heart. I left work early today and had planned to work outside in the garden. I felt compelled to write and complete a new book. This book is not for me, but it is about how we can choose to leave a legacy for our family.
What action am I taking today? I decided to really listen and not be too talkative. when we listen from the heart, we learn from others and really can offer solace and not offer pat answers. My mother was frazzled, she had misplaced one of her bills and shared how she had torn up her house. I was able to offer her some comfort, that she had another way to handle the payment. Later I called back and she shared she had found the statement. I reiterated that she could release some of her anxiousness. What was really bothering her was an upcoming dental appointment and she felt she needed to have her bills paid before having the dental procedure. My mother who is 90+ is still active in paying her bills, walking to the post office and reads the newspaper daily. She has contact with her friends through the phone and does not use the internet and faithfully feeds her outside cat, Lovely. Count the blessings each day.
Prosperity comes not from how many things you hold, but how much time and freedom do you have. I realized that I could take off and once per week and take care of myself and be ready to build my side hustle. My garden and writing are calling. I am envisioning my new career and little by little, I am creating the freedom and time that I desire. With my investing and trading, I am creating more income to replace my 9 to 5.
It is through consistency and persistence that we can make the career transition without being anxious and take step by step action plans. I have an ongoing education program in place. I am releasing some habits that no longer serve me. I have days that I do not spend money and work with what I have in my pantry and refrigerator. Creating peace of mind makes it easier to see clearly and know what and when to step. My book is almost ready on Amazon and I am designing a campaign for getting the word out and ask for reviews.
Happy Investing in your self!

Chari Farmer Ogogo
thought for today: I choose wealthy thoughts and I am thankful for the blessings I have
money thoughts from Cheryl Broussard

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Over 50 Spending and Saving plan

Most of us know it is smart to save money for those big-ticket items we really want to buy — a new television or car or home
Yet you may not realize that probably the most expensive thing you will ever buy in your lifetime is your…retirement.

The cost of those future years is getting more expensive for most Americans, we live long after we retire — with many of us spending 15, 25, even 30 years in retirement — and we are more active.
Unfortunately, only about 54 percent of all workers are earning retirement benefits at work, and many are not familiar with the basics of investing.

What is your spending plan? How can you up your savings plan?
These questions have dogged me for a while that now I am over 50 and would like to change my career and putter in my garden or receive income passively.
Step one. Do you know how you spend each day, week or month? Getting a handle on spending and knowing where you are spending is crucial to making changes if necessary. What is important to you? I mentioned that I like gardening. This hobby/business can be expensive and impulsive. I choose to schedule my spending and spend small. I have one account for this hobby. I pay it off each month.
Step two. Do you have commitments to family or debts that never seem to go away? I have commitments to my family. My mother is elderly and sometimes her income does not cover her outlay and she needs some assistance. I set aside a monthly allowance for her and this gives her assurance she will be ok. The reason I do this is helping my mum stay in her home which is her choice. People who can stay in their homes do better than people who are forced into assisted living before their time. Have you visited a nursing home lately? I set up an account to help my mum and feel better about myself.
Step three. What about those debts that never seem to go away? This could be credit cards, student loans, auto loans or mortgage? The best attack for these debts is to pay more than minimum. I started paying these bad boys twice a month and saw the balance recede. If I had automatic payments, I had to increase the payment to cover monthly charges.
Step four. I have an ongoing educational program to increase my knowledge. The world is changing and we need to stay informed and become better consumers and choose a lifestyle. Read a book, financial newsletters and check out Yahoo I decided to learn more about investing and trading. One book that I recently read was How to think like a millionaire by Dr. Boyce Watkins. I became a member of mentor group. This helps me with taking baby steps and eventually take giant strides.
Step fiveIf you are over 50, what can you do to increase your savings for retirement? Nearly everyone has knowledge that can be converted into a business or an income producing project. Creating a side hustle before you leave your job. Write an ebook about something that you a passionate about. Declutter your space to find items that could be turned into cash. Learn about investing and trading. Pay your self first and start small. Check out micro-investing. (Acorn.Stash or Robinhood, Swell, Wealthsimple)
If you like these tips, I will be sharing more ideas. Come back and visit. Weekly I add more tips.

Happy Investing in yourself!
Chari Farmer Ogogo
Be Savvy, Live Wealthy

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Thanks for stopping by to check out my updated blogs. I have grown and now I am ready to reset my blogs and share what I have learned and hope that my message will help.

My journey to recovery from a financial mess has provided me new insight. Initially, I thought that by having a goal was enough. What I learned was there was resistance on my part to let go of habits that were binding and stifling my progress. I would swing from being overly frugal to overspending.

When writing the book, Be Savvy, Live Wealthy, I encountered some major roadblocks of choosing mentors and assistance that were detours. I learned that DIY (doing it yourself) did not provide the professionalism and the desired final product. Some advice came with a high price tag and low quality.

How to select a great mentor–ask questions, ask to see their work and how they have helped others. Do they provide a guarantee for their service? Anyone who is professional will be willing to provide a guarantee and willingness to provide a refund if the services are not met.

Join a group of writers and a support team that will give feedback and offers suggestions. Writing is a skill and often practiced solo. Once you have produced a product, you will need to decide how to market and take it live.

I had so many ideas, however, I found that I needed another set of eyes to focus and gain clarity. I developed a team approach to bringing my project to fruition. One person who handles my website and the technical stuff. A person who helps with the videos and is setting up my Youtube channel. The ideas of blogs topics and writing required an editor who would check my grammar and syntax. Last but most important, how to market and brand yourself. This is the part that automation makes the difference. My goal is to be known as the how to take a setback and become a financial comeback after 50.

Happy investing in yourself
Chari Farmer Ogogo

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